By Shawn Thomas

PHOENIX (CBS Las Vegas) — The customer is always right, right?

A flight attendant didn’t agree after a passenger had a complaint about his seat next to an oversized passenger, AZ Family reports.

On a recent Delta flight, Ben Bethel found himself squeezed next to an oversized passenger.  He claims that he was extremely uncomfortable, with his limbs going numb and sweat seeping through his clothes.

“He was just a really big guy, and five to seven inches of my seat was being taken up by him. I was squeezed and twisted into the passenger on my other side,” Bethel said.

During the flight, Bethel tweeted with Delta’s customer service account where he was told to speak with a flight attendant.

Because of a packed flight, the flight attendant he spoke with did not have a solution for Bethel in terms of a new seat.

The only resolution the flight attendant came up with was for Bethel to remain standing.

Bethel, feeling frustrated and irritated by the entire experience, show the flight attendant a picture he’d taken of the flight crew a few minutes earlier all huddled together behind the wings socializing; a flight policy violation.

After threatening to file a complaint, Bethel claims the flight attendant overreacted, threatening him back.

“He flipped out. He pulled the phone off and said he was calling the pilot. He said when we landed in Phoenix, he would have the Phoenix Police Department meet me at the gate to arrest me for threatening the crew,” Bethel said.

Eventually another flight attendant got involved and calmly handled the situation that was developing by finding someone that was willing to switch seats with Bethel.

There seem to be no hard feelings, with Bethel stating that he would fly Delta again in the future and Delta offering Bethel 40,000 free miles.


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