Julie Littmann, President of Temple Sinai and liaison for the Shenker Academy, believes in education, and volunteers her time to make certain, Shenker private school is one of the best in Southern Nevada. This is her fifth year on the board and she began her term as president this year.

(Photo Courtesy of Julie Littmann)

(Photo Courtesy of Julie Littmann)

“I help with the day-to-day operations. I run the board meetings and work with the liaisons from the board of trustees. This includes marketing, programming and interaction with the staff – for both the temple and academy,” she explained.

Both of her degrees have benefited Littmann with her position. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in business from Northeastern University in Boston and her master’s degree from Sierra Nevada College.

“I love business and I grew up learning about business. But when I moved to Las Vegas with two little babies, I wanted to get involved in the school district, first as a volunteer so I could be close to my children and help guide them with their education,” Littman said. In fact, her children are now teenagers and they both attended Shenker Academy. It was because of the education they received that Littmann decided to go into teaching as a second career.

“As I was substitute teaching, I realized how important it was for me to pursue a degree in education, how much I loved teaching and being part of the field of education.”

After obtaining her master’s, Littmann had the choice of becoming a full-time teacher with a set classroom or continuing as a substitute teacher. She decided to remain in substitute teaching as well as continue her business career.

She is also a big proponent of education. “It is really important for all of us to continue to learn. Pursuing a degree is where you develop friendships. You are in an environment with other people where you are able to discuss education, what is best for our children and how to teach them. We need to be a team when it comes to teaching our children and need to be trained as well.”

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