Down To 7.7% From 7.9% In May

( Carson City, NV ) – The unemployment rate in Nevada in June dropped to its lowest level in almost 6 years.

The latest report from Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation show’s joblessness  down 2-tenths-of-a-percent from May’s 7.9% to 7.7%.

Unemployment for the Las Vegas area held steady at 7.9% last month, but chief economist Bill Anderson notes that’s down 2.5 percentage points from June 2013.

Anderson says Nevada added a seasonally adjusted 5,300 jobs in June, noting that’s is the 11th month to month jump in employment.

A statement  quotes Governor Brian Sandoval as saying he’s pleased with the steady improvement, but adds what’s become a customary note of caution, saying -quote- “we must remain vigilant in our economic development efforts to continue moving Nevada forward.”


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