(Las Vegas, KXNT)-New information is being released on Sunday’s shooting that left two Metro police officers and an innocent bystander dead.  Police now confirm shooter Jerad and Amanda Miller had 3 previous run-ins with Metro police this year, the last incident just a few days before the fatal shooting.

In a news conference, Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill says their first incident with Jerad Miller took place in February after Miller allegedly made threats  to the Indiana DMV, saying he would shoot anyone who showed up to arrest him for a suspended driver’s license.  Counter-terrorism detectives from Las Vegas were sent to the couples apartment to question him.  Jerad Miller told people he never threatened to kill anyone, rather said that’s how people get shot.

“Our detectives made a determination that probable cause did not exist for an arrest at that time.  The interaction with our detectives was described as normal.  There was no anti-government or anti-police descriptions…described to those officers at the time,” explained Asst. Sheriff McMahill.  “They did not feel through their interview that the suspects were an ongoing or potential threat.  That case was then closed.”

The second interaction with the couple took place in April.  Officers were called out about a neighbor’s domestic violence case.  The Millers had witnessed the domestic violence and both gave a written statement to police.

The final interaction took place on May 31st, just a few days before the fatal shooting.  The Millers again provided voluntary statements after a report of sexual assault involving one of their acquaintances.

“Again, there was no indication by the suspects of the anti-police feelings,” reiterated McMahill.

Police said they were unaware Jerad and Amanda Miller had plans to shoot and kill officers in the coming days.

On Sunday, June 8th, the Millers walked into a CiCi’s Pizza on Nellis and Stewart and fatally shot Officer Igor Soldo and Officer Alyn Beck, while they were eating lunch.  The shooters left behind a Gadsden flag, swastika and a note saying the revolution had begun.

The couple then ran to the nearby Walmart, where Amanda Miller fatally shot Joseph Wilcox.  Wilcox was carrying a concealed weapon and tried to confront Jerad Miller.  Police arrived moments later where a gun battle ensued.

Initial reports said during the gunfight Amanda Miller fatally shot her husband before turning the gun on herself.  However, the coroner’s office notified police saying Jerad Miller died from a rifle shot by police.  A short section of surveillance video from inside the Walmart was shown to reporters.  The video shows why police initially thought Amanda Miller was responsible.  In the video,Miller is clearly seen pointing her gun at her husband for a few moments.  She then turns the gun towards herself.  This is where the video was stopped.

In total, three officers fired their weapons in the Wal-Mart. Police have not said which officer delivered the fatal shot to Jerad Miller. One of those officers realized later he was struck in the thigh with shrapnel and took himself to a hospital, but the officer was expected to be OK.

For now, police say they are trying to understand what pushed the Millers to go from an anti-government ideology to action.

Funeral arrangements have been made for Officer Igor Soldo and Officer Alyn Beck.  They are both scheduled for this week.


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