(North Las Vegas, NV) —  The North Las Vegas City Council is holding a special council meeting tonight, February 25, to discuss plans for resolving an $18 million deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, and come up with pay raises for its public safety workers.

“The problem is simple- years ago the City made contracts with employees then an unforeseen economic crisis hit and former City leaders decided to prioritize unnecessary projects over honoring our prior commitments,” Mayor John Lee said.  “I can not control the past, but I will not let these unresolved challenges continue holding our present hostage and jeopardizing our future.”

The meeting will deal with how to resolve the three year legal dispute involving collective bargaining contracts.  The City Manager’s office and bargaining groups have been working together to resolve these issues and insure the City can continue to provide essential services to our community.

“Our employees love our community, and we are actively working together with their bargaining groups to resolve this lawsuit,” said Interim City Manager Jeff Buchanan. “We are thankful the Mayor and Council are taking this bold step to resolve this nagging lawsuit and give our community a clean slate.”

The meeting is being held in council chambers beginning at 6 p.m.


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