(Las Vegas, KXNT)-A 3-month old baby, who police say was abused at the hands of his father, has died.

Nellis Air Force Base Airman Andrew Leach was arrested after his son Aiden was taken to the hospital on February 2nd.  The infant had been listed in critical condition since, but succumbed to his injuries on Monday.  A doctor who treated the baby initially told investigators his injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

According to an arrest report, the infant was left in the sole care of his father on the day he sustained his injuries.  Leach told authorities he dropped the infant boy in the tub while trying to bath him.

Leach also told police he suffered from a number of different problems including PTSD, anxiety, suicidal ideations, alcohol and chemical dependency and depression.  Leach also said a week prior, he dropped Aiden while bathing him.

Leach was initially charged with child abuse with substantial bodily harm.  The district attorney’s office tells KXNT because the infant has died,  this charge will now be amended.


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