(Henderson, KXNT)-Education and state leaders put on their hard hats and grabbed their shovels to break ground on two new facilities that will be built as part of the Nevada State College campus.

The $54 million project includes the addition of 2 buildings that will house important college programs.  A 66,500 square foot building that will house nursing, science and education programs is planned as well as a 65,000 square foot facility that will be home to the student union and administration.

What’s unique about this project is that more than half of the funding is coming from students.  They voted to increase their student fees to help pay for the project.

“This is an investment by the students.  This is a first-of-its-kind in the state of Nevada and it shows that the students are truly invested in the future of this college,” stated Governor Brian Sandoval, who spoke at the ceremony.

Other funding will come from institutional reserves and reallocation of funds once the downtown Henderson facility is closed.

“We wouldn’t have moved forward if the students didn’t want this, ” added NSC President Bart Patterson.

Half of Nevada State College’s enrolled students are first-generation college students.  Education leaders are hopeful campus additions like this will spur even more growth and expand opportunities to the next generation of professionals.

“It’s my job to diversify this economy and help bring in new businesses.  We need to have that workforce prepared, ” added Governor Sandoval.

Nevada State College also kicked off a comprehensive fundraising campaign with a goal to reach $15 million.  The money will support the two new buildings, academic needs, student scholarships and other student and faculty interests.


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