Las Vegas CBS KXNT – What’s tiny and slimy and helps fight West Nile virus?

It’s the Gambusia Affinis — commonly known as the mosquito fish. They’re being bred at the Clark County Water Reclamation District, raised in plastic tanks until they’re ready to be released into flood channels and other watery places where mosquitos lay eggs.

The Gambusia will eat almost anything, Rusty Carlson of the Water Reclamation District told KXNT. But they’re especially fond of mosquitos and mosquito larvae.

And it’s working, Carlson said. Wherever the fish are, the mosquitoes aren’t.

Carlson has personally inspected some of the likely locales for mosquito larvae, and says the fish are doing their jobs.

The program carries a bonus. Mosquito control relies less on pesticides when the Gambusia are deployed, Carlson said.


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