Las Vegas CBS KXNT – Set aside the halting pace of legal online gaming in the United States. The industry loves all things digital.

At the Global Gaming Expo, there’s no shortage of splashy video products for the casino floor. But much of the digital product revolution is happening in back of the house.

In a section dubbed “iGaming”, vendors sell software that puts casino management functions on the desktop or the tablet. Casino surveillance has evolved to identify objects or people in places where they don’t belong, and send an alert to security managers.

Another company specializes in halting fraud from mobile devices, by embedding code in their customers’ websites to recongize the devices before the transactions are complete.

Online and mobile gaming products are doing robust business, but little of it is American business. With only three U.S. states sanctioning internet gambling, the products are faring well in Europe, South Africa, China, and South America.

Booth staffers told KXNT the U.S. is a challenging market to break in, because the regulatory scheme is state-by-state, requiring different procedures in each jurisdiction. In California, there are a dozen or more tribal commissions, one vendor said.

The Expo has 460 vendors this year, and 25,000 attendees at the Sands Convention Center. Host organization the American Gaming Association says it’s a 10 percent increase in both areas from the 2012 Expo.

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