Las Vegas CBS KXNT- If you remember the song that launched John Travolta’s acting career, you can save a life.

“Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees has become a new anthem for the American Heart Association, spokesperson Maria Sweeton told KXNT, because the beat is perfect for administering CPR.

“The best way to do hands-only CPR is a hundred compressions per minute,” Sweeten said. “So we looked for music and we came up with Stayin’ Alive.”

The Heart Association is on the road, teaching CPR, joined by personnel from Las Vegas fire and rescue, who are promoting a new Good Samaritan app for Andriod or iPhone.

Pulse Point” alerts your phone when someone in the area is having a cardiac arrest.

A neighbor can often get there and start CPR more quickly than the paramedics, saving valuable minutes, said Tim Szymanki of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.


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