Las Vegas CBS KXNT – Even after months of research and public discussion, the More Cops sales tax proposal has Clark County commissioners asking how the Las Vegas Metro Police Department spends its money.

“There are so many questions about the transparency and the accountability of the money that Metro gets currently,” Commissioner Steve Sisolak said following Tuesday’s commission meeting, where a compromise ordinance was introduced.

The ordianace is an alternative proposal from Commissioner Susan Brager. It offers a smaller sales tax increase than Metro is seeking — .075 cents instead of the .15 cents currently on the table. Clark County’s sales tax rate is 8.1 percent.

Brager says she takes law enforcement seriously, but she’s also asking whether Metro could be more prudent.

“Do we need as many helicopters, do we need the horse teams?” She said. “What are the things the sheriff can do so that more foot officers can get on the ground?”

There are now two live More Cops proposals. A public hearing and a vote are scheduled on October 1. If the Brager compromise does not pass, the commission could also conducting a hearing and vote on the larger More Cops tax ordinance.

Sisolak declined to speculate on which tax would get more support, or whether an increase will pass at all.


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