Las Vegas CBS KXNT – Today’s high school students were preschoolers in 2001 when terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners and used them as human-packed missiles to destroy the World Trade Center. Elementary school students were not yet born.

But Clark County teachers are exposing students to September 11 in measured doses appropriate to grade level.

Fourth grade teacher Kathleen Scott prepared her class at the Kathy Batterman Elementary School with positive discussions about the day’s heroes and the rebuilding process at Ground Zero, going easy on the grisly realities her kids are not yet prepared to grasp.

All 900 Batterman students walked in an Old Glory marathon, with each class assigned a 15-minute shift to carry American flags as a group on the campus. The shifts ended when the next class arrived, and the flag stayed in motion until the end of the school day.

“It’s kind of a relay thing,” Scott told KXNT. The exercise mirrors one held simultaneously at Nellis Air Force Base. The objective is to teach proper American flag protocol, like never allowing the flag to touch the ground.

At Palo Verde High School, a morning ceremony honored foreign language teacher Barbara Edwards, who was a passenger on the September 11 flight that was crashed into the Pentagon.

Colleagues recalled Edwards as boistrous and fun, demanding in the classroom, and loved by the students.

Teacher Kevin Haygood said Palo Verde’s memorial of Edwards creates an opportunity for students to understand the true impact of September 11.


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