Las Vegas CBS KXNT – A major wildfire and a flood — two kinds of emergencies recently experienced by some Clark County residents. But if you’re looking for something to worry about, there are other possibilities.

“We certainly are in an earthquake fault, that would be significant,” county Emergency Manager Fernandez Leary told KXNT. “Communicable diseases, those are the things that mostly hit us here.”

There’s also terrorism, but that’s not the primary focus of September’s Emergency Preparedness Month outreach.

The county is urging every household to have a disaster supply kit with food, water, prescription medications, and pet supplies to last at least three days, just in case first responders are delayed. Add some seasonally-appropriate clothing, and a battery-operated radio, to stay informed in case the power is out.

And there should be a plan, mapped out in advance, so family members know how to reach each other or where to meet if there isn’t any phone service.

There’s more information here about how to plan ahead for an emergency.


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