Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Southern Nevadans could have a ringside seat when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reconvenes hearings on the Yucca Mountain project.

Anticipating new hearings on the Yucca licensing process following a recent federal court decision, the state has filed a motion to bring the proceedings here. Nevada also requested a publicly-available document database, Chief Deputy Attorney General Marta Adams told KXNT.

“The proceeding involves a lot of technical, scientific work, ” said Adams, who filed the motion with the federal agency. “There’s probably… millions of pages.”

Every document to be considered as part of the licensing proceeding should be available to the public and to all the litigating parties, Adams said.

The state asked the NRC to assign the same administrative judges who presided over the Yucca project in the past, to avoid the necessity of bringing a new panel up to speed.

Adams says she hopes to hear from the NRC in September. If the agency declines the request to hold the hearings to Nevada, they would be held in the Washington, D.C. area.


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