Las Vegas CBS KXNT- You say someone beat you to the punch getting the internet domain name you wanted? You’ll soon be competing with a smaller universe than you were when dot com, dot net, and dot org were the only available domain designations.

Soon, registration will begin for “dot vegas” domain names, with the city of Las Vegas getting a 10 percent cut from the sales. Miami, Boston and New York will also be able to offer geographically specific domain names.

The biggest and most commercially-desirable names will be auctioned off — think — and they won’t come cheap, city spokesman Jace Radke told KXNT.

“Some of these domain names go for seven figures,” Radke said, “So it could be a real revenue producer for the city of Las Vegas.”

Mom’s Diner and the local discount dry cleaner will be able to register a dot vegas domain name too, on a first-come first served basis, at a price that’s fairly competative with currently available registration.

No pricing has been set, according to Dot Vegas, Inc., the company that will wholesale the domain names.

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