CBS LAS VEGAS-On Tuesday, a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on SB221 that would require Universal Background Checks to buy a gun in the state of Nevada. It was clear from the people who were present at the hearing that they opposed this bill. State Senator Justin Jones (District 9) talks about SB221 and what happened during the hearing on Tuesday.

Yesterday on Piers Morgan Live, Piers tried to resurrect his push for gun control legislation by bullying author Wayne Allen Root for joining the NRA. Wayne Allen Root, Author of “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: How To Survive, Thrive, And Prosper During Obamageddon”, talks about the interview on Piers Morgan Live. Last week, President Barack Obama gave a speech on National Security and addressed the use of drones. Dr. Jeffrey Addicott, Professor at St. Mary’s University Center For Terrorism, talks about National Security and the President’s speech.

The Gripe Line


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