CBS LAS VEGAS-Congressman Joe Heck (District 3) talks about the bill he introduced that would replace Obamacare. He also answered caller’s questions ranging from Immigration to the IRS scandal.

The Nevada Legislature ends the 2013 session on Monday and there’s still a lot to get done before it’s over. Geoff Lawrence, Deputy Policy Director for The Nevada Policy Research Institute, talks about what bills still need to be voted on before the end of the session and what died in committee. The total number of Americans receiving disability benefits hit a new record in May. In May, 10,978,040 people are receiving disability benefits, that’s up from 10,962,532 in April. Do you think more people are cheating the system for their own gain? Callers explain if more people are cheating the system.

Last week, a Senate panel accused Apple of using what it called a “complex web of offshore entities” to dodge billions of dollars in U.S. income taxes.