CBS LAS VEGAS- The search for a new Clark County school superintendent is over. Board members Tuesday night voted unanimously to hire interim leader Pat Skorkowsky to head the nation’s fifth-largest school district. People are starting to question the process that the Trustee used to pick Pat Skorkowsky. They are saying that the School Board Trustee’s violated the state’s open meeting law. Jacob Hafter, Attorney with Jacob Hafter And Associates, talks about why he believes that Clark County School District violated the state’s open meeting law. Are you satisfied that the CCSD got the best candidate for Superintendent when it named Pat Skorkowsky to the post earlier this week?

On Wednesday, supporters favoring the creation of a Nevada driver’s privilege card testified before the State Senate Transportation Committee emphasizing that the public’s safety will benefit from this policy. It will give illegal immigrants a driver’s privilege card and it would let them get car insurance. State Senator Donald Gustavson, District-14, talks about why he opposes this bill and if it can pass to be signed by Governor Sadoval. Geoff Lawrence, Deputy Policy Director for the Nevada Policy Research Institute, talks about what bills will pass before this session is over.

The Gripe Line


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