CBS LAS VEGAS-On Monday, O.J. Simpson was back in court to try to get a retrial for the 2008 armed robbery at the Palace Station. O.J. Simpson’s claim is that Florida attorney Yale Galanter did not provide effective counsel in the 2008 case. Jimmy Dillon, Owner of Discount Gun Safe Warehouse and Retired Metro Captain, talks about the O.J. Simpson case and what happened when he started the investigation. Does O.J. Simpson deserve a retrial? Callers tell us if he deserves a retrial.

Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist, talks about O.J. Simpson and his latest column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. As lawmakers in Washington react to allegations that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regularly targeted conservative groups when reviewing their requests for tax-exempt status, President Obama vowed to find out “exactly what happened” at the IRS during the period under scrutiny – and vowed that any wrongdoers would be held “fully accountable” if found to be operating “in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way.” Does the President owe the American people an apology? Callers tell us if the President Obama owes the American people an apology.

Marc Saggese, Senior Partner at Saggese and Associates, talks about what constitutes bad representation when it comes to O.J. Simpson and his new appeal.


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