(Las Vegas, NV, KXNT)– A Houston law firm has filed suit against the Firefly Restaurant in connection with the salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 89 people so far.

Attorney Anthony Coveny of the firm Simon & Luke represents a Minnesota couple who ate at the restaurant the night before their wedding, and were sickened by the time the nuptials were performed the next day.

Coveny tells KXNT that Katie Yokiel and Jonathan Radfod were beginning to feel symptoms othe following day, and canceled their post-nuptial time on the Strip, retiring to their hotel hoping to feel better.

But he says they continued to get worse, and eventually spent a return flight to Minnesota in misery. Katie was diagnosed with salmonella by a doctor the folllowing day.

Coveny says his firm is also representing 11 Canadian golfers who also say they were sickened after eating at the Firefly.

The restaurant remains closed, but is scheduled to re-open next week if it corrects 44 code violations found bhy the Southern Nevada Health District.

Coveny prdicts the number if ill patrons will grow from the currently stated figure of 86. The health district says 3 employees of the Firefly were also sickened.


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