CBS LAS VEGAS-Today, U.S. Congressman Joe Heck will address the Nevada Legislature. U.S. Congressman Joe Heck, District 3, previews his speech and looks at what ahead for him when he returns to Washington D.C. Denny’s newest 24-hour diner in the valley will feature a full bar and a wedding chapel. Nancy Levandowski is the first bride to be married at the Denny’s wedding chapel. She talks about how she got to be the first bride to be married in the Chapel.

A group associated with and funded by the National Rifle Association (NRA) is pushing its own proposal for reducing mass shootings in schools, unveiling Tuesday a 225-page “school safety” report that recommends sending a trained, armed officer to every school in America, as well as various “layered security” measures it says will make schools safer. Dan Bongino, Former NYPD Police Officer, talks about the NRA’s proposal and what can make a school safer. Clint Holmes, Las Vegas Entertainer and singer-songwriter, talks about his residency at The Smith Center.

Ron Futrell, The Man About Town, talks about Rutgers University’s head basketball coach Mike Rice getting fired for being abusive and other issues going on in the valley.