CBS LAS VEGAS- A new study finds that insurance companies will have to pay out an average of 32 percent more for medical claims under President Obama’s health care overhaul. The study says claims costs will go up largely because sicker people will join the insurance pool. That’s because the law forbids insurers from turning down those with pre-existing medical problems, effective Jan. 1. Everyone gets sick sooner or later, but sicker people also use more health care services. Has Obamacare affected your health insurance bill? Callers tell us if their price for insurance went up.

Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments in United States v. Windsor, which challenges the constitutionality of a section in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA, passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996, prohibits federal recognition of same-sex marriages. Both the First and Second Circuit Court of appeals have struck down a provision of the law (called Section 3) that denies federal benefits, like Social Security benefits or the ability to file joint tax returns, to same-sex couples legally married. Because of these lower court rulings, DOMA has been declared unconstitutional in some regions of the country but not others.

A select committee of the Nevada Assembly voted 6-1 late Tuesday to expel embattled North Las Vegas lawmaker Steven Brooks. The decision goes to a full vote of the Assembly as early as late Wednesday morning, although that decision is at the discretion of the Assembly Speaker. Pat Hickey, Assemblyman for District 25, talks about what the select committee did behind closed doors when they voted 6-1 to expel North Las Vegas lawmaker Steven Brooks.