CBS LAS VEGAS-Last Thursday a memorandum was sent by Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett and Sheriff Doug Gillespie to hotel-casino operator telling them to keep a close watch on your nightclubs and pool parties or face disciplinary action for any illegal activity. A.G. Burnett, Chairman of the Nevada State Gaming Board, talks about why him and the Sheriff sent this memorandum to the operators and what they’re willing to do to stop this kind of activity. Do you think that anything will change in the nightclubs? Callers tell us if these clubs will change.

Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist, talks about his recent column and the Supreme Court cases that will look at same sex marriage. In two different cases this week, the Supreme Court will consider the powerful question of what it means to be married. On Tuesday, the court will hear arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry — a case considering the constitutionality of California’s gay marriage ban, Proposition 8. The next day, the court will hear arguments in United States v. Windsor, which challenges the constitutionality of a section in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Should public opinion figure into decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court? Callers tell us if public opinion should figure into decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ron Futrell, The Man About Town, talks about the NCAA Basketball tournament and other issues going on in the valley.


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