CBS LAS VEGAS-Turnaround schools will fast track academic achievement, improve school climate, increase graduation rates and give every child a quality education, the Clark County School District designated Cimarron-Memorial High School, Sunrise Mountain High School and Elizabeth Wilhelm Elementary School as the District’s newest turnaround schools. Carolyn Edwards, Clark County School District School Board President, talks about these three schools and why they were picked.

Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review Journal Columnist, talks about the turnaround schools and the 2013 State Legislature. Geoff Lawrence, Deputy Policy Director for Nevada Policy Research Institute, previews the 2013 State Legislature and what he expects they will pass in this session.

Today, President Obama spoke at the Minneapolis Police special operation center after meeting with law enforcement and community leaders. He renewed his ongoing calls for public engagement on the issue of gun violence in the country. Callers react to the speech given by the President in Minneapolis.


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