LOS ANGELES (CBS Las Vegas) – For Snoop Dogg, it ain’t nothing but 81 blunts a day, baby.

The legendary rapper, who now goes by the name “Snoop Lion,” recently admitted to smoking 81 blunts a day. At 81 blunts a day, the total number of blunts in a year comes to more than 4,200.

Snoop, real name Calvin Broadus, responded to Reddit questions during an Ask Me Anything session on Dec. 5. One of the questions from a Redditor that came up was how much marijuana he smokes a day. With a well-documented love for marijuana, Snoop took little time to respond.

“Most cme 4 free but average bout 81 blunts a day!” he responded.

Another Redditor asked the rapper if he rolled his own blunts or if they were rolled for him, which he responded that it’s a little bit of both. Redditors were taken back with the rapper’s daily marijuana intake.

“If he gets 8 hours sleep, this is one every 12 minutes,” one Redditor wrote.

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