(Las Vegas CBS KXNT)  About 800 students at the Andre Agassi School staged their first annual anti-bullying march on Monday. The students, which included kindergarten through eighth-graders, warmed up during a pre-march rally, chanting “Be a buddy, not a bully!”

Adults at the school say the anti-bullying message encourages communication.

“There’s always someone you can go to and talk to.  There’s always someone who can help you through it,” said Agassi gym teacher Wendell West.  West told KXNT the old bully stereotype is obsolete. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages, he said.

School Director Mike Pascal kicked off the pre-march rally, urging students to think of an adult at the school whom they trust, and to go to that person if anyone makes them feel bullied.

Fifth-grader Jayla told KXNT she knew some kids last year who were bullies, but they “fixed themselves.”

“We had some teachers who helped them get themselves together and figure out why they were bing rude to that person,” she told KXNT.  “Once they actually went eye-to-eye with that person, they got deep-down and apologized,” she said.

School administrators said the march covered about a mile in the neighborhood surrounding the school, and was symbolic.


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