By Danny Cox

The NFL does have their most-liked and least-liked players, but they’ve got a new poll out that deals more with stats than anything else. Sports Illustrated has released their latest poll of the most overrated players in the entire league and the top two quarterbacks for the New York Jets sit in the lead spots.

Jets back-up quarterback Tim Tebow led the poll as the most overrated player in the league. He actually won (so to speak) the title in a landslide by receiving 34 percent of the vote. Coming in second with eight percent would be the starting quarterback of Jets, Mark Sanchez.

tebow Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez Of The Jets Top The Most Overrated NFL Players

(Credit,Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo also received eight percent of the votes. Coming in fourth was quarterback Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles. Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis was fifth.

Vick had four percent of the total votes and Lewis had three percent.

Making matters worse than anything here is that the 180 voters in this poll are other players in the NFL.

A mere five months after Tebow was named one of the top 100 players in the NFL, he is now looked at as the most overrated in the entire league. Tebow has hardly played at all this season as a back-up for the Jets, but players seem to finally be changing their perception of him and his talents.

It will be interesting to see if things change in the eyes of his peers once he gets more playing time.

As for Sanchez, it’s been a rather hard week for him. First, he was publicly dumped by actress girlfriend Eva Longoria. Just the other day, he was also voted as one of the least-liked players in the NFL. Now, he has the privilege of knowing he is one of the most overrated players throughout the entire league.

Well, at least he’s not seen as the worst by his peers.

It is rather strange and unexpected that both top quarterbacks on the New York Jets roster were voted as the most overrated players. Even Jets coach Rex Ryan was shocked by this news.

“Wow,” said Ryan to the New York Daily News. “What are you going to say? I don’t know how to comment on that. I just know I’m happy they’re on my football team – our football team.”

In true Rex Ryan fashion, he tried to make light of the subject at hand.

“Seems like the Jets always get something, you know?” continued Ryan.

Tebow’s status in the NFL just is strange. As said before, he was rated earlier this season as one of the top 100 players in the NFL. He landed at number 95 at that time, but that was when he had brought the Denver Broncos back from a 1-4 start and all the way into the playoffs.

Since his trade to the Jets, things seem to have dropped for him. Not only the thoughts of his football peers, but his time on the field. Tebow has been on the field for only a total of 55 snaps. Most of the time, he’s actually been on the field to play special teams as a personal protector of sorts for the punt team.

Believe it or not though, the Jets are three for three on fake punts, and they’ve all involved Tebow. He has run twice and thrown once for first downs.

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