By Danny Cox

Forbes published a list on Wednesday and it was one that contained the not-so-normal information that is associated with the NFL. It was a list that consisted of which players in the league are the most liked and disliked players throughout all the teams. While it may not be a list that helps see talent and stats, it’s still one that is interesting enough to take a look through.

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Sitting way down at the bottom of the list of “most liked players in the league” are two players that got closely acquainted with one another this past Monday night. At the very bottom of the list is Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions with a mere 19% likability.

Coming in second-to-last with 21% is the player that Suh threw to the ground on Monday night – Jay Culter of the Chicago Bears.

During his two years in the league, Suh has developed a big reputation of being a dirty player that goes above and beyond what is legal. He has been disciplined by the league on numerous occasions and even suspended.

Remember the Thanksgiving Day game from last season where Suh stomped on Evan Dietrick-Smith of the Green Bay Packers?

Monday’s hit on Cutler was not one that got him any sort of punishment and has been ruled as clean. Even Cutler says it was a clean hit, and it certainly appears to be one from all the replays that have been shown over and over again.

It is not really unexpected that Cutler landed in second as the least liked players in the league. Fans have just never really taken to him. Coming in third as the least liked is Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles, and that isn’t overly strange either, considering the entire dog-fighting scandal from years ago.

Randy Moss of the San Francisco 49ers and Matt Leinart of the Oakland Raiders are the fourth and fifth least liked in the NFL respectively.

Leading the pack at the top are give players that many would expect to see as the “most liked” in the league.

Most of these players sitting at the top really aren’t unexpected, as they’ve always had great reputations among their peers, reporters, and fans.

Not all of the Chicago Bears are as disliked as Jay Cutler and it shows by the fact that his teammate Brian Urlacher came in eighth among the most liked in the NFL with 57%.

Those in the rest of the top 10 of least liked players in the league are Tony Romo and Kyle Orton of the Dallas Cowboys, Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets, and Brady Quinn of the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to common perceptions of players in the NFL, this list actually seems overly accurate. Football fans are never shy about giving their true feelings on players, plays, rulings, and the like. Ask any NFL fan right now and chances are that this list will match up rather closely with their own opinions.

The survey was a survey of fans conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research.

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