(Las Vegas, NV) — In a 123-page report, the Clark County School District outlined everything from class size to truancy rates.

CCSD’s early results show that the graduation rate improved by seven percentage points to 66 percent for the 2011-2012 school year. The final numbers will be available in December.

There was a slight decrease in high school dropout rate from 4.8 percent in the class of 2010 to 4.4 percent in the class of 2011.

Truancy continues to be an issue but the district continues to try and keep students in school through different measures, according to spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson.

“Our ‘Reclaim Your Future Walks’, our principals being reengaged, our Saturday schools as well as before-and-after school programs. It’s all a real triage that the new superintendent (Dwight Jones) put into place to grab these kids who were at-risk of dropping out and keeping them in school.”

There were 19 students expelled from the district last school year.

The report also mentioned that per-pupil spending is up over $7700 per student for the 2011-12 school year.

The number of students in the Clark County School District is 308,237.


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