(Las Vegas, NV) — The city of Las Vegas hopes the worst is behind them in regard to the economy and attracting business is once again taking center stage.

The city of Las Vegas is making it even easier to open a business by reducing paperwork by as much as 75% for some licenses.

Karen Duddleston is the city of Las Vegas’ Business Licensing Manager and told KXNT how the city has improved the process of sifting through licenses.

“We have been processing business licenses in about 5 1/2 days.” And the cost is fairly minimal as well according to Duddleston.

“If they plan on between two and five hundred dollars they should be able to get through the licensing process.”

The Las Vegas City Council recently directed the Business Licensing Department to streamline the process for privilege licenses. These licenses are those business activities that the council has determined require a high degree of regulation and traditionally consist of liquor, gaming, pawn and secondhand businesses.

Previously, the process consisted of a general application, 18-page personal history, 15-page financial history and a suitability investigation by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The process used to take six months or more.

Duddleston told KXNT the first step to obtain a license is to go to http://nvsos.gov


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