(LAS VEGAS CBS – KXNT)  Jared Fogle, the formerly-fat college kid who dropped 245 pounds by dining daily on Subway sandwiches, had lunch on Wednesday with several hundred employees of MGM Resorts International.  Fogle told his story, complete with family photos showing his transformation from a slender second-grader in little league attire, to an obese college student pushing 400 pounds.

Fogle and an entourage from his five-year-old Jared Foundation are preparing MGM to be an ambassador for the CATCH program — Coordinated Approach to Child Health.  CATCH is an educational template for schools, revamping physical education and health classes.

The program teaches responsible eating by dividing food into three categories:  Go, Slow, and Whoa.  “Go” is for healthy foods that can be consumed without restriction.  “Slow” is for nutritious, but more caloric foods.  “Whoa” is the cautionary category that should be eaten only occassionally.

MGM has signed on with a $25,000 donation.  The company has 50,000 employees in Southern Nevada, said its Senior Vice President of Human Resources Michelle DiTondo, and they estimate those people have about 35,000 school-aged children.

Fogle says his day job is being a spokesman for Subway sandwiches, which hired him after he went from fat to skinny on a self-imposed diet plan revolving around its product.  But his passion and his mission is eliminating childhood obesity through education, he told KXNT.


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