(Las Vegas, NV) — Illegal weapons were at the center of a case that involved a Navy Seal and now the last man involved has been sentenced to four years in prison.

37 year-old Andrew Kaufman was one of three defendants in the federal case who accepted plea bargains and admitted selling weapons for Nicholas Bickle, a former Navy Seal. Bickle was convicted in October of 13 counts and was sentenced to nearly 18 years in prison.

Kaufman pleaded guilty in December 2010 to conspiracy and illegal transfer of a machine gun. He is currently serving a six-month sentence in Ny County for attempted embezzlement.

Las Vegas resident Omar Aguirre, was sentenced in October to five years in prison. Aguirre had a prior felony conviction.

Earlier in July Colorado resident Richard Paul, a longtime friend of Bickle’s and a key witness in the criminal case,  was sentenced to probation with eight months of home confinement. Paul housed some of the weapons at his home in Durango at the request of Bickle.


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