LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – The news of Army Specialist Moises J. Gonzalez’s passing came as a shock to those who loved him – including both of his families, who knew nothing about each other until the day of his funeral.

KGET-TV is reporting that the 29-year-old soldier is leaving behind two wives and three sons, each from a different woman. The mother of his second child was not married to Gonzalez.

Darlene Garcia, from Los Angeles, was married to Gonzalez nine years ago, and gave birth to his oldest son. In 2010, he married Ruth Bayona from Bakersfield, Calif., in Las Vegas. She is the mother of his youngest child.

Both were allegedly seated in the front row at his services, but Gonzalez was reportedly the recipient of the folded flag. He was subsequently laid to rest at Inglewood Cemetery in Inglewood, Calif.

Bayona told the station that the ceremony was tense, with only glances exchanged between the two women.

“I’m sad, but I know in my heart that’s not him,” Bayona added. “I feel like he’s still in Afghanistan, that’s how I feel.”

Garcia, too stricken with grief to speak herself, held on to her sister-in-law as she spoke with KGET.

“It hurts so much to see my nephew go through this,” Paula Ojeda said. “He’s going to go through this a lot for the rest of his life.”

But not everyone there was focused on the dramatic events unfolding at the funeral – Gonzalez’s father remembered his son for who he was, not what he did.

“He was an exceptional son, who always gave his heart to the world and to his country, he was my only son, he was my baby,” Carlos Gonzalez told station. “Like everything in life, we are with his family, with all of them.”

Comments (88)
  1. Steve says:

    What’s Obama’s stance on polygamy? Is it still evolving, or does he think polygamists have equal rights as “traditional” families?

    1. lou says:

      Hey, it’s only fair, right?

    2. jack says:

      he doesn’t have a stance yet on polygamy he has to check the polls on it first.

      1. Boetica says:

        No kidding! He seems to be chummy with the Muslim Brotherhood, so I’m sure that is coming soon.

      2. LOL@ Gonzales says:

        Obama now supports gay marriage. We need to ram incest and pologamy too in fear of “hurting” anyones civil rights.

    3. gman51 says:

      obama’s father had 5 or 6 wives. At the same time.

    4. sam8131 says:

      What’s a traditional family?

      1. Shock Ed says:

        Anything he says it is, apparently

      2. Jim says:

        A mother and a father, who are faithful to raising children

      3. StateRunMedia says:

        Washington orchestrates the daily news now. Unelected officials took over Washington and control of the media after a coup and cover up. Most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search Palins Dirty Little Secret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

      4. TOM_SERVO says:

        Thanks Jim. Unfortunately, even the obvious needs clarification in the world we live in.

    5. Deskboy says:

      That is a fair question could be asked to both candidates.

      And if you are not with the one you love,
      you fill in the blanks.

      1. Steve says:

        Funny thing is, it has been asked of Romney.

    6. vicky says:

      yuk… This is terrible.

    7. BH206L3 says:

      In order to be consistent in this, if fudge packers and carpet munchers can marry then is has to be ok if you want to have more that one wife. And you should able to marry out side of your spices If you find that special sheep in your life.

  2. nickatdabeach says:

    Marines call Army ‘doggies’ and now you know why

    1. Kevin says:

      Pretty sure that it’s actually because the Marines only have a three word vocabulary…. Doggy is one of them.

      1. Deskboy says:

        No, that would be


      2. LOL@ Gonzales says:

        1.) Sling Seed
        2.) Sling Seed
        3.) Repeat 1 and 2

  3. Steve says:

    Ummmm, CBS…. Bush isn’t president any more so you’re really not supposed to mention war deaths anymore. Even if it has a neat story to go with it, we just don’t talk about it these days.

  4. Arturo Garcia says:

    “… but Gonzalez was reportedly the recipient of the folded flag.” So did the dead solider receive his own flag?

    1. roboslater says:

      Apparently. More great reporting by CBS.

      1. Deskboy says:

        The folded flag is what was on the casket. It is folded and presented to the spouse or parent.

      2. eckernet says:

        Deskboy, that’s the point…the article indicates the flag was then given to Gonzalez…..the dead man.

        Clearly the author was TRYING to clear up the confusion of which wife received the flag, but wrote the wrong name. And others here are rightly pointed out this is a bone-headed mistake that is common with CBS’s reporting.

      3. Deskboy says:

        My bad. I can only scan this stuff when I am at work, ya know?

    2. Birdie says:

      His 1 wife’s last name is Gonzalez!

      1. Juancho says:

        His wife’s last name is Garcia. Is on the article.

    3. Liz says:

      Gonzalez was the name of his first, and thereby legitimate wife.

  5. LFMayor says:

    DId all of his father’s wives attend the funeral, or just his mother?

    1. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      At least his legacy proceeds him.

    2. Rob says:

      Who’s on third?

  6. zamanbn says:

    oh, what a twist..American and North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation and their sheep supporters worldwide are abusing Islamic polygamy laws that are hardly practiced these days but they themselves live by them..

    Only thing is, In Islam, a woman has to agree to be another wife, you have to treat them equally,you have to make sure you pay for them and clothe them ALL EQUALLY and share everything equally. If not, you have to fear Allah and stick to 1 Wife.

    Yet, in America, most of the terrorists live secret lives with their mistresses and fornicate, leaving children abandonded.

    Dont you see how your own people are sick and deseased. Allah will expose your sick hearts.

    1. Steve says:

      Allah also lets you fornicate with little boys.

      1. John Spiers says:

        You know, if you are a Christian, it is a sin to say something that incites someone to anger. Allah is a Semitic word, as in Hebrew, for G-d. You sin when you say such things, and you likely invite vengeance by the one Whose Name will not be used in vain.

      2. Bob saget says:


    2. acces2me says:

      Zamanbn… so how DO you feel about Islam letting you sleep with your wife(s) up to 6 hours after there deaths?!?

      …got to love a culture that supports that?? Wow…

      and will Allah expose your sick hearts too?

  7. sam8131 says:

    We are in the handbasket, which way do we go?

  8. aubreyfarmer says:

    Thems some quality troops we have serving.

    1. richhenk says:

      Oh Really? Where did you serve? I’ll refrain from using obscenities until I get your reply.

      1. malice420dotcom says:

        Vietnam 70-71.
        aubreyfarmer is misguided.

    2. Kevin says:

      The term “serving” in this case already includes the characteristic of “quality”…

    3. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      He was slinging, not serving. What a poor way to be remembered.

  9. brucethehoon says:

    It’s a new hobby of mine. I go to Drudge Report, click on the LEAST political story I can find, and without exception find an anti-Obama statement as the top comment. Holy GOD you are obsessed with the man! Do yourself a favor, and next time try to read the story and think about the people that are hurting, or think about what this says about modern society, or just take a nap, but don’t desperately search for any chance to complain about someone you don’t like. It was also the top comment on the Woman attacked by pet Lynx story. THE HECK? Seriously silly.

    1. GoAway says:

      Then you look further down the comments and inevitably find an unemployed government funded do-nothing waiting for his government check to land in the mail sticking up for his do-nothing but campaign sugar daddy.

    2. Joey BlackJack says:

      Look around Bruce. Everything is about His Majesty. He is the first Commander in Chief who views the troops as “serving on my behlaf.” When he charmed the Olympic Committee Chicago came in last and that was Bush’s fault. Yet he uses Bush’s SEC DEF, his intel, his lead general (Petreaus) amd yet success in getting bin laden is all his. Americans think of our Dear Leader as often as Iraqis thought of Saddam Hussein. Except the Iraqis weren’t reminded of their leader, by their leader quite as often.

      1. Roccio says:

        Then theire’s the MSM dancing around Fast and Furious.

    3. Kevin says:

      Just shows that Obama is universally bad….

    4. CTSadler says:

      As sad as it is, I just tend to look at Fox and Drudge as Yo Gabba Gabba for failed baby-boomers. They can’t help themselves.

    5. Boetica says:

      People are simply mocking those like you who blamed Bush for everything. Get it?

    6. marty says:

      When 98% of every newspaper and TV reporters are anti-republican, you can see why it’s nice to have a few avenues where both sides are actually given.

    7. Will Wagner says:

      Some slaves are “obsessed” with freedom, whereas others are quite comfortable with their chains.

  10. Hosemonkey says:

    Realist, you moron, that’s “ALTAR”. Try using spell check next time.

  11. Former Sailor says:

    Behave children

    Some poor schlub is going to have to tell one wife that she and her child and the girlfriend and her child have no benefits at this time. Then he is going to have to help them try to get the other children approved as actual dependents and their eligibility established. The Moms are up the creek. Wonder what other surprises are on his beneficiary designation form.

    1. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      If the loser would have only poked one chick instead of the town we wouldn’t have this problem. Don’t blame the ladies, they are just too stupid for seeing past who this guy really was.

  12. larry says:

    Specialist Moises J. Gonzalez gave the ultimate gift for his country. But this story reminded me that you can’t make this stuff up, or can you?
    The Cheer’s episode titled “Death Takes A Holiday On Ice” deals with Eddie LeBec’s unfortunate demise: he was run over by a Zamboni while pushing a fellow cast member out of the way. At the funeral Carla learned that Eddie had a second wife, Gloria, who lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As a result of the union, Gloria had become pregnant and Eddie, despite being already married to Carla, felt obliged to also marry Gloria. At Eddie’s funeral, Carla and Gloria learn of each other for the first time and wind up in a catfight with one another over the issue of which of the two is the “real” Mrs. LeBec. In anger, Carla resumed her first married name, Tortelli. During their relationship Carla and Eddie had a set of twin sons: Elvis and Jesse. According to Gloria she and Eddie also had twins.

  13. TheOldMan says:

    Why would you ever want more than one MIL?

  14. grateful bankster says:

    It just shows empire is a soap opera, signifying nothing.

    The brave soldier died for nothing and protected no one.

    Only the speculative interests of Wall Street and the Central Banks.

    But nonetheless RIP or condolences to soldiers, civilians and beasts of all nationalities.

    1. JB says:


    2. Bill E Bob says:

      No marketable skills, huh?

    3. 'This We'll Defend' says:

      Your set of internet cojones are very impressive.

      Allow me to rebuttal;

      Cowards like you make it difficult when a soldier is deployed in a hostal territory. How? Well, when you run your mealy-mouthed, cowardly, mentally weak rants against honorable soldiers, you aid and abed the enemy and you detract from who we are as a people.

      You obviously don’t even care about your own safety, since you so easily bad mouth those who defend it. Feel free to move off to bannanastan or some other fascist state to live with people you admire.

      I call you out for your boorish words and cowardly behavior.

      p.s. Cancer would be too good for you.

      -an old soldier

    4. Deskboy says:

      I disagree. Taking the fight to islamists there, keeps more of them from coming here. islam is death,
      Death to islam

  15. heatherfeather says:

    3 kids by 3 women?

    Round round get around, I get around!

    1. Boetica says:

      Viva la raza!

  16. Kevin says:

    Apparently, this soldier was recently turned down for the job of President of France. The hiring manager told him that actually marrying the second woman disqualified him… That’s how Hollande was given the role….

  17. Bill E Bob says:

    Ya’ always was a hawg, Gus.

  18. vicky says:

    This is a terrible story.

    3 sons, 3 women….

    1. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      It’s a shame his “service” is overshadowed by the three broads that slept with him. I don’t expect much from the hispanic community in this day and age and this vileness doesn’t suprise me.

  19. joel says:

    How is this worse than a women cheating on her husband and giving me another man’s child to raise? Yet, we impose no penalties on such a woman.

    So, who cares how many wives he had. He seemed to be supporting them. Too bad he’s dead, but, heck, most of the children in Baltimore are born to women with no husbands.

    1. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      It’s because Baltimore is full of black people and this is typical in the black community. Getchu som of dos hoes joe!

    2. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      That’s because of all the black people that live their. What is the most confusing day for a black kid? Fathers day!

  20. sailordude says:


  21. freecheese says:

    This reminds me of an episode of Cheers when Carla’s husband was ran over by a Zambonie on the hockey rink. Wife #2 showed at the wake. The rest was a hoot for any Cheers fan.
    Seriously, when I served in Vietnam, we had a Copsman who was getting ready to retire. It was discovered that he had a wife and family on the East Coast, and another on the West Coast. Being in the Navy, he pulled it off by telling his wive’s he was on deployment.
    When the Navy figured it out, and called him on the carpet and confronted him. He went back to his hut and blew his brains out with a 45.
    Last I heard, neither wive’s were getting ANY benefits. I would think the first wife eventually did, but I’m sure it was quite a battle.

  22. Sunshine Connie says:

    They did not get paychecks or housing allotments??? These “wives” must really be stone dumb. Or was this to get green cards???

  23. Panicazi says:

    I read through these comments and, Wow! What a bunch of dribble. Not one question as to how the kids are now going to be supported, a fallen warrior fund, nothing. Ya, the guy was over the top on making promises to women and kids that he couldn’t keep, but here we are with a fallen hero and his aftermath of two widows and three young Americans. What now? How about somebody check with the VFW and see if they have been contacted in the Las Vegas area to cover down on the follow up care to the family? Since nobody here seems concerned, I’ll make a few calls tomorrow.

    1. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      He went from hero to zero. I’m in Afghanistan right now myself. This behavior doesn’t do anyones image good.

  24. Uncle Jessie says:

    John Kerry was right, these soldiers are worthless people who otherwise would be unemployed poor people. The military gives them an undeserved opportunity to be in a high paying welfare system. We need a bigger war to clean all this filth out of the world… ours and theirs.

    1. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      I do agree with part of your comment. I would say the hispics and blacks would be the unemployed poor people. I’ve met lots of smart whites and asians in the military that could be doing way better off on the outside.

    2. Leigh Ann says:

      Unless you serve, you have absolutely no right or knowledge to comment about the people who are currently serving. Because of people like us, people like you can sit in your comfortable lazy boy, drinking your beer and flipping your lard butt through the channels. There are thousands of Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Seaman with upper level degrees who serve a purpose greater than anything your small mind can comprehend. WELFARE??? These people EARN every penny they make. How about you missing every holiday with your family for the past 7 years or missing the milestones of your children. WELFARE???? How about you getting a phone call at 3 am telling you to pack and get on a plane in 3 hours? WELFARE??? Let someone shoot at you while you are trying to eat the first decent meal you have had in three weeks and then lose your buddy because a sniper hits him, destroying any chance you might ever want to eat again. WELFARE????? Those people WORK for that pittance of pay which is still below the average American paycheck 24 hours a day. 365 days a year, 7 days a week. They protect your sorry butt so you and your children never had to fill a draft. This is not a WELFARE system.. Those people sacrifice for your sorry butt. These people answered a call greater than you will EVER understand. Take your self-serving, narrow-minded opinions and stuff them where I am way too polite to put them myself,

  25. mushroomman says:

    Poor dude I’m sure he had love in his heart………… I wish he would have thought this whole thing through. Normally id spew scarcasm…. not this time… kids do not have a father now…… I thank him for his service……..

    1. Boetica says:

      Well said sir.

    2. LOL@ Gonzales says:

      and women on his mind….

  26. King JoJo says:

    God rest this brave man’s soul. I am an Army veteran and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

    With that being said….I cannot resist sharing the old joke….

    What is the penalty for bigamy?

    Two wives!

  27. just another chief says:

    Thank you Spec Gonzales. May you rest in peace. God bless your family. We will not forget your sacrifice.

  28. LOL@ Gonzales says:

    I’m sure these two stupid hoes already have other men they are currently married to. To bad the children will have a awesome role model for a dad someday. Maybe this whole ordeal was in the best interest of the children. Not sure children need that kind of a model from a “dad.”

  29. Al says:

    Hey, give the guy a break. Moises was born this way and we need to be more tolerant you bigaphobics. Doesn’t the B in LGBT stand for bigamy? Obama has ‘evolved’ on this issue and supports him and it should up to the states.

  30. StacyH says:

    “Both were allegedly seated in the front row at his services, but Gonzalez was reportedly the recipient of the folded flag”

    The two women were Garcia and Bayona. Who is the Gonzalez that the flag was given to?

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