PHOENIX (CBS Las Vegas) – A new bill up for a vote in Arizona could mandate that pregnancy be considered to have started up to two weeks before conception may have actually occurred.

The nuance was introduced on the eighth page of H.B. 2036, a piece of legislation that seeks to modify the amount of time a woman has to legally get an abortion by using the woman’s last menstrual cycle as a means of defining the beginning of what is being called the “gestational age.”

“‘Gestational age’ means the age of the unborn child as calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman,” the document reads.

H.B. 2036 is a bill that deals entirely with defining the intricate legalities of abortion in the state.

At present, a woman must have an abortion performed within 20 weeks of pregnancy, if it is to be done so legally in Arizona.

If passed, the law could take away up to two weeks of available time for a pregnant woman to get an abortion.

The bill has already passed in the Arizona Senate by a 20-to-10 vote, and will soon be reviewed and voted upon by the state’s House of Representatives.

Comments (8)
  1. dotdashx4 says:

    Another fine piece of legislation from the good, progressive folks there in Arizona.

  2. mizz masha says:

    Gestational age has been calculated from first day of woman’s last period since the 19th century. It’s standard procedure in US medical practice.This is nothing new, people, move along!

    1. Liquid Wolf says:


      Two weeks were always added to the human gestation period for analysis and study, never to be included in the time limit for an abortion. The way the bill appears to be worded, you could be removing 2-4 weeks from that abortion time limit now.

      Add in the time it takes to confirm pregnancy, and schedule an appointment, and a person has what… 8 weeks?

      The bill seems harmless, but it is underhanded and deceptive.

  3. Pharma851 says:

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  4. Carrying ItToExtremes says:

    Why don’t they just get it over with, and make menstruation illegal? Men never liked it anyway, so why not just legislate it away? “Sorry, we see a drop of blood, you’re going into lockup!”

  5. xaminmo says:

    So based on this, my wife was pregnant for almost 2 years before she delivered our first son. It’s amazing no doctor said anything about this. He must have been a very slow grower. I’m really glad all that partying and alcohol in the first 10 months weren’t a problem for his health.

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