By William McGuinness

DRAPER, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) — One Utah school district believes a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women.

The Canyons School District overrode the students top choice of a cougar mascot for their high school that is to be completed in 2013.

Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.

In popular culture, the cougar is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman who attracts younger men.

The school board, which consists of six men and one woman, thought the Charger would be more appropriate, which was on the ballot but failed to appeal to students as the cougar had. This is apparently paramount to today’s already-perfect educational system, where debating about the definition of a modern culturally-inclined word surpasses the need for scholarships for high school seniors.

Cougars — the large mountain cats — are popular in Utah. Brigham Young University, considered conservative, uses the cougar for its mascot.

Bailey said Corner Canyon’s close proximity to BYU was another reason to use the Charger.

She said the cougar was popular enough, while the charger gave the school an opportunity to have a unique mascot in Utah.

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  1. J Ruben Kincaid says:


    1. Ghostsouls says:

      What should be renamed is the down and call it Diaper, Utah, because it carries a load of….

      1. TD says:

        Chargers, would that be a black box plugged into the wall with a wire coming out of it or a woman with a couple of credit cards?

      2. dDd says:

        The name Mary means a crack ho in some circles. She should change her name.

      3. Lew says:

        Motion seconded, made, carried!

      4. kB says:

        dDd that is hilarious! The poor children do not need this abuse!

      5. Neo says:

        They are replacing the Cougar mascot. The new mascot will be a woman dressed as a cradle robber.

      6. Larry Northern says:

        CHARGER connotation: Male Stud Horse, A Hard Charger: Aggressive Male in Business, or a Male Stud Horse with an erectiion


      7. Scott H. says:

        You guys are great!

      8. Andrew Russell says:

        How about the “Corner Canyon Cher’s”. Animal’s Mascot’s are so 1950’s, and celebrity Masot’s are the rage. Plus, it rhymes and she’s a great singer.

      9. DocSmith says:

        They should reconsider hiring this person as Principal. She is obviously a moron.

      10. BI says:

        One more example of Government intervention. An election was provided, the people picked an option (in this case the Students), and a Government board somewhere decided the result picked was not up to their licking so it was over-ridden.

        Why did they even offer the “cougar” option if they had no intention of using it?

        Chargers have just as many negative meanings as Cougar, if not quite so popular. For that matter, so does the principal’s name, Mary.

      11. mike c says:

        “in popular culture, cougar…”. Popular cultur? More like porn culture. Wonder what these board members have saved on their computers.

    2. Andrew Russell says:

      Maybe they should have gone with “Corner Canyon Non-Specific Entities of Indeterminate Origin”? Oops. “Non-Specific” would be offensive to Trans-gender folks, and “Indeterminate Origin” could be offensive to orphans or those with single parents. Maybe they could be the “Corner Canyon Diversities” with a Rainbow Logo that won’t offend… er… uh… never mind.

      1. Kabong says:

        The word corner is too specific. I am offended and demand that it be rounded off.

      2. Indy says:

        I’m still trying to figure out what actual cougars have ever done to anyone that they should be degraded by being compared to older women interested in younger men. Is this common behaviour among cougars in the animal kingdom? I believe they are owed an apology.

      3. formerleewarmer says:

        i used a hoe in my garden and a rake on my leaves. am I bi?

      4. Cantwait for November says:

        Sad part is that we name teams after something or someone we respect. We try to bask in the “power” of the mascot by naming our team after it. Why would anyone want to call their team something if they mean the name to be “Offensive”. No one ever has to be taught this. Even young kids, middle schoolers and high schoolers get it. It is only pc liberals that have to view everything in terms of offense.

      5. Command says:

        Well said Indy!

      6. Buster Hymen says:

        *Kabong* — Too fockin funny!

      7. Lazybum says:

        Maybe they should select clear gelatin as their mascot….

      8. Jojo says:

        Kabong, that “rounded off” comment is offensive to amputees.

    3. Ann-Marie says:

      I agree! It’s just an animal for heavens sake!

      1. Santino Vannozzi says:

        Which came first the mascot or the modern slang term? That should be the deciding factor

    4. TheRealKingMax says:

      Just announced!

      2012 Democatic National Commitee theme song for the election, compliments of Edgar Winter:

      “FREE RIDE”

      1. Reality says:

        Second article you’ve posted that awful pun on. And this time it doesn’t fit.

        You are not funny.

      2. TheRealKingMax says:

        Reality drooled the following, “Second article you’ve posted that awful pun on. And this time it doesn’t fit.

        You are not funny”.

        “Reality”, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

        And it wasn’t intended to be “funny”, azzklown. That comment reflects EXACTLY what your ilk plans to do in the ’12 campaign with OUR taxdollars.

        It obviously makes you quite uncomfortable – who cares, Cap’n Zero?

        Now – STFU, and keep your whines to YOURSELF.

      3. Bob Cavicchioli says:

        I’m not a Democrat, but Reality is right – this makes no sense here Max.

      4. Myst says:

        Pretty dumb comment, Max.

    5. willum says:

      Just say no to public education

    6. Bill says:

      Assuming the term “cougar” has more meaning to humans than the animal is offensive to wild cougars, is it not? The cougar packs should chase these officials down and eat them

    7. A. Levy says:

      “Political correctness is a greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism…”

    8. John Deviney says:

      Oh get over it

    9. Joe says:

      How about the Corner Canyon Cowards?

    10. Brian says:

      I can see it now, T-shirts, hats, signs with a picture of a cell phone CHARGER as the mascot. I guess not all that is left to do is to have the different cell phone companies bid on if the brand name to be on the CHARGER. Pony up the money AT&T and Verizon. Who will be the highest bidder!

    11. jerhig says:

      Why not Puma’s? Tommy Smothers would go for that!

    12. Leslie says:

      I wonder if Mz.Bailey is a couger.Ha Ha.

    13. rudebutcool1 says:

      Oh who needs a nickname anyways…why not just call them the Global warmers..or better yet the Gorleons…Its so “appropriate”

    14. Southern says:

      Oh great!! A charger is something prisioners use to hide stuff up where the sun doesn’t shine. Folks can generally find a secondary meaning for a word if they try hard enough. A cougar was a nmountain lion long before it was a sex craxed middle age woman. Maybe Mary Bailey is a cougar and the name struck too close to home.

    15. tsarbomba says:

      They might also consider changing the name of the school district because “canyons” might be considered derogatory toward women also.

    16. drew says:

      The fighting MILFs?

    17. Ted Davis says:

      What’s next? Will we have to change all the Broad Streets and Broadways in every town in the country. Such imbeciles!!!!!


    18. Robert Hartley says:

      The mascot name “Charger” has male written all over it. How ironic that this was overlooked by the PC Principal and the PC Board. So, where does that leave the female students? Obviously, without a mascot that represents their interests ….possibly?

    19. Mary says:

      This is so stupid. I have a child at Running Brushy Middle School in Cedar Park Texas and they are cougers. They think of the animal and not the implication.

      Really denying the choice because of slang?. Id be worried if the school opened with the mascot being an older woman looking to a younger man with a I’m going to get you!” with a grin.

      Gods! Get a life!

    20. Cherrie Bonham says:

      This is why our children are out of control, because they are givin a choice to make and when they make the choice they are not allowed to have their choice! It is things like this that make our children loose faith in their country and its officials! If cougar was such an insult to women why was it even allowed on the list to begin with, it should have been removed before the children were allowed to vote on it, but then it wasnt an insult, it was still seen as a mountian lion. The children picked it they should have it! I was labeled a cougar just because I am now a divorced woman over 45yrs old, I dont date younger men, and I cant control who I attract from my looks. I dont take home every man that hits on me either. They need to stop calling us cougars because we are not mountian lions and leave the cougar in the mountains where they belong. These school officials need to do what is right and that is to give the children the winner of their vote, not to void it out! Why even bother getting the children involved to vote if the plan was not to use it anyways, all you school officials are doing is teaching the children not to bother voting because it doesnt make a difference the officials are going to do what they want anyways! Thanks for damaging more of our future voting Americans. Plus the last time I checked we lived in America the home of the free, and not in Russia the home of the controled! Thanks for more damaged children!
      Cherrie Bonham

      1. big bubba says:

        awesome comment, what you said was dead on, dont tell some one they can make a choice then decide there choice is unacceptable thats just plain stupidity. perhaps the kids should vote again and agree on our school system is a joke or just jokers for short.

  2. Ted says:

    Ah liberals…just when you think their stupidity has reached its limit, they find another way.

    1. stloony says:

      They typically vote yes when needing to raise the stupidity ceiling. They are now the cause of the greatest rational debt we’ve ever seen. It’s the great rational depression.

      1. Spanky says:

        As of 12/31/2006, the federal debt was $8.4T and unemployment was 4.4%.

        Three days later, on 1/3/2007, the 110th Congress was seated with Democrats in TOTAL CONTROL of both the Senate and the House.

        That is when the misery started.

        Under Dem control of Congress, unemployment skyrocketed and the debt is now over $15T. Worse, it’s headed to $20T by 2016 based on what Dems already committed to spending!

        This republic cannot afford any more Dem politicians.

      2. Cougar Fan says:

        According to the pc logic the Brigham Young University COUGARS will now have to change their mascot name as well. When this nonsense ever end!!!!!!

      3. ktoo says:

        Rational depression or rational deficit? Either way, the stupidty ceiling thing is funnnny stuff. Just looking at the screen name…are you from a city with a baseball team that won the World Series lately?

    2. Ghostsouls says:

      /You took the words right out of my mouth!!! So, does this now mean the black panthers have to take panther out of their name, for being offensive to blacks?

      1. Panthera onca says:

        Nope, because it’s offensive to black panthers = the actual jungle animals. ie. the melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat.

      2. evefromeden says:

        Ian sings the sweet soul sisters are sexual panthers, beautifully cool.

      3. Daniel says:

        Ha Ha Ha! Everybody knows that a Black Panther won’t work.

      4. joebitaeme says:

        this is Bushhs. fault…of course.

      5. Spence says:

        Right. Super Liberal Utah. It’s where Mitt Romeney is from

      6. Pappadave says:

        Actually, Romney’s from Michigan, but who’s counting?

    3. oljw00 says:

      The interesting part is these type of actions actually have the net effect of working AGAINST their (Liberals) larger goals as it paints the narrative of them being kooks!

      And yet, they can’t see the truth through their mis-guided idealism…

      1. robert g says:

        But liberals are kooks.

    4. Liberals in Utah? says:

      Did you not read the byline? This is Utah. Pretty sure those were not liberals on that School Board.

      1. LA Doc says:

        You’re telling me there are NO liberals in Utah? Let’s see, you’ve got some PC dingbat, public school employee, with yet another silly, “offfensive” ban. But because it’s in Utah, she must not be a liberal. So she’s just another petty, hand-wringing, self-righteous, know-it-all? Aren’t they the same thing as liberals? And what party would she be a member of then?

      2. UtahNative says:

        There are A LOT of lefties in Utah. The State Legislature may be majority “Republican,” but the Teachers Union figured out long ago they should run their lefty candidates as Republicans. The legislature is FULL of RINOs, and the local school boards are much, much worse.

      3. Eric says:

        You don’t know much, do you. Salt Lake City is extremely liberal, politically. Former mayor Rocky Anderson is as liberal as they get. He is running for President, having formed his own political party whose platform consists of indicting George W. Bush for crimes against humanity.

        Draper itself is a suddenly booming hive of California transplants who have brought their loopy liberal ideas with them. They fled the cesspool that is California and now spend all their time complaining that Utah isn’t exactly like California.

        Utah politics is dominated by so-called “Republicans”, but they are RINOS of the worst sort. Generally socially conservative, but they are Big Government uber-liberals when it comes to taxing, spending, regulating, micromanaging and social engineering. There are very few true conservatives in Utah. That’s why Mitt Romney is so popular here.

        Now you know.

      4. John says:

        Eric, you are generalizing Salt Lake City to mean all of Utah. It is not true.

        Outside of Salt Lake, Utah is VERY conservative. They don’t even fluoridate their water unlike the rest of the country.

        Oh by the way, Romney is not for high taxes, or micro regulating so where the heck are you getting that from? His healthcare plan was a Heritage Foundation, mostly free market response to Clinton’s own Marxist health care plan that had gained steam shortly prior to that. We have Reagan to thank for the forced treatment of all comers to hospitals, (aka free riders) would you like to revoke that requirement for hospitals?

    5. Jim says:

      Change the mascot name to “Charger”? I thought a Charger was an automobile. What am I missing here?

      1. Keith Rogers says:

        No, it’s that fancy big plate below the dinner plate. Can’t wait to see the costume.

      2. nonion says:

        Technically it’s a horse (see the origination of the San Diego NFL team by the same name).

      3. Chris says:

        They can’t use the mascot “Charger” because it’s offensive to people in debt.

    6. stompingmoose says:

      I heard that the University of Maryland is reconsidering its nickname because some felt they were being insensitive to terrapins.

    7. Brian Braswell says:

      I can remember when you would say that Political Correctness would destroy intellegence, freedom of of speech, the fabric of our society and more, you were called an idiot because that could never happen. And look at us now…. I guess we all were idiots after all.

      1. poorhardworker says:

        You are so right, Brian! Why didn’t we listen to ourselves?

    8. Joe Bob Jones says:

      Imbecile. Draper is over 85% Mormon, and heavily republican.

      1. avgjoe says:

        Just because the city is mostly republican doesnt mean the school board is! Gee just look at the NEA 99.9% LIEberal but their membership (aka the teachers are probably about 55-60% LIEberal) THUS not an accurate representation! Just look at MOST of America politicians, yes even republicans, are more LIEberal than their constituency. Now just go to a field where its almost required to be a leftist like teaching. See we are basically talking about career politicians NOT the avgjoe, the article even stated the student body voted for cougar as mascot.

    9. jimonthebeach says:

      Liberalism and common sense are two opposing concepts. There is no limit to stupidity.

    10. Sheez says:

      THIS JUST IN: Chicago has indeffinately changed their NFL team mascot as to not get confused with fat, hairy, gay men

    11. Nick says:

      +1 for agreeing 100%

    12. Chris says:

      How about the “Corner Canyon Demi Moores?”

    13. Myst says:

      Gotta love how conservatives try to mindlessly blame “liberals” for everything. This isn’t a liberal/conservative thing–this is a stupidity thing. Though the school board is more likely conservative for two reasons–

      1. It’s Utah.
      2. Conservatives tend to be the stupid one’s.

  3. Scottiedont says:

    It’s official. PC bull$#!% has officially become our national language.

    Complete idiots.

    1. Joe says:

      You are correct: PC is communist Bull Sh….!

    2. Bob59 says:

      Correction, PC is the belief that you can pick up the clean end of a turd

  4. trigger says:

    this a sign that Mrs. Baily needs to be given the boot.

  5. Christian Halas says:

    Another example of PC stupidity.

  6. les says:

    Well I guess we know what principal Mary Baily does at night. I hope they checked the boys bathrooms for camerals.

  7. paperpushermj says:

    Got that Right Brother

  8. joe says:

    Maybe an inside joke? Did Mary get with a student? Don’t let kids vote on anything permanent, kids hate school and like nothing more than to hurt it.

  9. Mistah D says:

    I’ve never heard cougar being used as term for any kind of woman. Am I crazy?

    1. Steve M. Hilton says:

      Liberalism is the philosophy of the stupid. How about naming the mascott Aholes? Seems to fit better to their schoolboard.

    2. say it right says:

      No. I’m a 59-yr old woman and didn’t know that the word cougar was used as a slang term for an older woman going after younger men until last year. This school district is silly for trying to give such credence to slang language. Instead, they should be correcting their students and teaching them to not use slang and encouraging them to understand the meaning of the word cougar as it is shown in the dictionary.

    3. theobromine says:

      Never heard of a TV show called “Cougartown?” Frat movies show them importing middleaged women for dates because “they know what they’re doing” and appreciate young men better than young women. Instead of Gigilos, the shoe is on the other foot. Older women preying and paying for younger men. Verrrrry popular in schools – male student teachers are the prey for older women in highschools everywhere. Ask a teen who’s doing the Principal and get an earful. Must be some Cougars in that town!

  10. hugh says:

    I agree with Kincaid, “RIDICULOUS” I believe the six men and one woman on the board are just way to P- C- for their own good. I suggest they use common sense but it is apparent non exist.

  11. John says:

    The school board needs to get its mind out of the gutter. It’s a frigging animal for crying out loud.

    1. wazup says:

      Maybe the name School Board should be changed because it can be taken by some PC liberals to mean school bored which has a sexual connotation. Sanitize everything.

      Why are the majority always on the defensive for their views and beliefs by a tiny minority?

  12. Scott Kirwin says:

    Let’s see, a powerful cat that can successfully take on grizzly bears. And it’s thought to be monogamous. Not only is the school board politically correct, it doesn’t even know about the animal.

    As for the common usage of the term, a powerful, self-confident and independent older woman.

    Morons. In Utah of all places surprisingly…

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Its a CARNIVORE. That alone is a disqualification.

      1. J Ruben Kincaid says:

        great point

      2. george says:

        “Corner Canyon Veggies” does have an appropriate ring to it.

  13. Fred Zarguna says:

    One can only imagine the other idiotic decisions people in this school district have to live with.

    Next to go: all sports terms involving the use of the word “ball.” As in footBALL, baseBALL, soccer BALL, tennis BALL; these terms may be offensive to the BALL-less. [not only those with two X-chromosomes on the 23-pair, but also those BALL-less men on the school board who acquiesce in this laughable decision.]

  14. John C says:

    if the school is willing to listen to a vote of the majority of students, why have a ballot at all?

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      In order to afford an opportunity to provide, in this ‘teachable moment,’ a lesson to all of the students, to wit:
      1) We don’t care what you want, think, or say.
      2) The language means only what we, the anointed, say it means.
      3) A single anointed minority’s right not to be offended trumps the 1st Amendment Rights of everyone else.

      1. exbobbie says:

        Damn Fred, you just described the Democrat Party play book, way to go buddy, guess we know who these moron school officials vote for.

      2. Wayne Moore says:

        Sorry…. clicked on the report link by accident. $#%@# webpages and their loading quirks made it jump under my cursor.

    2. Stacey says:

      My thoughts as well. #2 choice was Diamondbacks, #3 was Falcons, #4 was Raptors. The district is going with Chargers, which has absolutely nothing to do with our community. I would never have thought of cougars as inappropriate.

  15. sean patriot says:

    This country is getting dumber by the second.

  16. VMSmithe says:

    It seems to me principal Mary Baily is being VERY insensitive to people who use batteries and/or credit cards.

  17. sean patriot says:

    Principal Mary Baily needs to be bombarded with phone calls at the Corner Canyon High School .Heres the number: (801) 826-5000. Call them with DISGUST

    1. DeusVult says:

      Good Job posting the #…I hope they do get lots of calls for this nonsense!
      LMAO!….Was the “COUGAR” mascot going to be wearing a lil black dress, nylons and sexy high heels or a bikini???
      Liberalism IS a mental disorder!!!
      ABO=”ANYBODY But (resident-thats NOT a typo!) obama!
      p.s. I love “COUGARS!”-lol!

  18. tom hardgrave says:

    Hey, I’m offended now, my wife has a new charger. That’s not fair.

  19. Julie says:

    If they were just going to veto the cougar for being “disrespectful to women” (which is a crock), then why have it on the ballot as a choice to begin with? Good grief. These people should move to California where their political correctness will be better tolerated.

    1. exbobbie says:

      Julie, PLEASE, we have enough morons here in La La land already, we really don,t need any more, send them to Washington they would fit in well there.

  20. Rev Paul says:

    If this happens in Utah, what hope is there for the country?!?

  21. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

    First of all, unless the mascot is a picture of an old woman with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, I don’t know that anyone picture something other than the animal.

    Second, as far as “an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women”, that’s like saying “A dirty old man” is disrespectful to men.

  22. Mark Hopkins says:

    A Charger is a much better choice. A war horse used to run down minorities while ridden by rich priviledged white guys who had won life’s lottery by the luck of their birth.

    1. DeusVult says:

      LOL!-thats a good one!
      I like “CRUSADERS” myself….Warriors turning back the tide of the muslim hordes!

    2. Andrew Russell says:

      Not a war horse… a “Peace Pony”.

    3. eddyjames says:

      I don’t know about that,the first mental image I got when I heard the term charger was Barry and Mooschell standing there in the “On vacation” line with a government credit card in hand.

  23. Ken Morrison says:

    I am no longer surprised when I read an article about some stupid position a teacher, administrator, or school board takes. There isn’t a day goes bye I don’t read an article like this. These people are teaching (indoctrinating) our kids for Gods sake! We need to abolish all public school teachers unions and rid our schools of these liberal wack jobs. You never hear this kind of foolishness at parochial schools. They (parochial schools) run on a fraction of the budgets of their public school counterparts and boast higher graduation rates,GPA’s, and college acceptances.

    1. AUEagle says:

      Excellent point!

    2. Bill Vernon says:

      Parochial schools only appear good because of the demographic that attends. When comparing apples to apples, private schools do worse than public schools.
      After accounting for socioeconomic status, public schools fare better.

      1. cousin eddy says:

        why not just compare performance to performance, without trying to manipulate the stats to serve an agenda?

    3. Vanyali says:

      Amen. I agree with you, and I’m not even religious. The public schools are a disaster. We’d be better off without them.

      1. Bill Vernon says:

        Vanyali, you need to read the article I posted. The results of the study are counterintuitive but private schools fare worse than public schools when compared appropriately.

  24. Atlas_Shrug says:

    THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! What a great lesson on democracy for the students. They voted and the school board voted 7 to more than 7 and the board won. Someone who drives a charger should scream they are offended.

  25. Oscarphone says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    What’s not so funny is that these are the people who are teaching our children.

  26. Mike says:

    Imagine the popularity the school would have if they actually used the pop-culture version of a cougar for their mascot instead of the animal. 🙂

  27. Christian Halas says:

    It sounds like the Charger was already decided upon. If so, why did they even bother to give the students the option?

    1. george says:

      It’s called creating the ILLUSION of democracy, as when elections at the adult level are determined by the likes of ACORN, dead Chicago voters, the Black Panthers, and the MSM.

  28. Lance Daring says:

    Now I ask you my friends, is it any less disrespectful of women to use the name “Charger” which brings to mind a totally irresponsible irrationally driven female with her husband’s credit card in her hand?

  29. spike59 says:

    you can’t fix stupid…but you can put it on the School Board

  30. MaggieLyn says:

    Ms. Bailey is obviously a liberal feminist! What an idiot that is so concerned with PC. I’d be interested in how tis school is performing acedimcally under her tuteledge! Is she as concerned about the education the students are receiving as she is about her women’s lib attitude?

  31. Nate says:

    Bugs Bunny has a great comment about that, “What a maroon!” It is interesting that the principal immediately thinks of the slang meaning of cougar, while the students are thinking of the largest wild cat in North America.

    Kind of makes you wonder what other wierd ideas she might have.

  32. Ted says:

    They should be called the flaming Marxists, so they are not “insensitive” to the President.

  33. oljw00 says:

    Isn’t “Charger” insensitive to those with problems running up credit card debt?

  34. rufus levin says:

    Shudda gone with Panther…oh, wait……

  35. Nixon says:

    LMFAO at the stupidity of political correctness. Priceless!!! THIS is indicative of why the USA is headed straight down the rathole. See ya!!!

  36. rufus levin says:

    I am about ready to accept Sharia Law to kick these politicall correct female jerkwagons back to the kitchen and cover their faces with black sacks.

  37. WillTeller says:

    The nane board seems to have a dirty mind?
    The kids seem to have more level heads then the name board..
    Give the kids their mature vote for Cougars.

    Very proud of them..

    The Name Board.. F –


  38. RUFUS LEVIN says:


    1. Julie says:

      Just because the woman lives in Utah, this does not mean she belongs to the predominant religious group in the state. Check your assumptions, dude.

    2. Jim says:

      Mitt Romney’s home state is either Michigan (where he was born and grew up), or Massachusetts (where he has lived for several decades and where he raised his family, was governor, etc.). He has never really resided in Utah. I know, facts is harder…

    3. RebWeb says:

      Mitt Romney is NOT from Utah. He was born and raised in Michigan. Check your facts, Rufus Levin.

      1. Nanny says:

        Well Rufus does rhyme with dufus.

    4. Dufus Levin says:

      Hey, Rufus — that thing that say’s “caps lock” on your keyboard? Press it. See the little light go off? Now you’re just a moron, rather than a screaming moron.

  39. jeff says:

    Why even bother having the vote? If ‘cougar’ was unacceptable, why allow it on the ballot to begin with?

  40. Andrew Russell says:

    I think that “Chargers” is offensive to all of us who suffer high amounts of credit card debt and promote financial responsibility. In an age where government keeps raising the debt ceiling, it’s unconscionable that a public school would make such a poor choice of mascots.

  41. dptrucker says:

    Why even have a vote if you won’t respect the students choice? Oh, right. Must be run by Democrats. My bad.

  42. glenp says:

    call em PUMA, mountain lion or Catamounts instead

    then shoot the aholes in the administration

  43. John says:

    Doesn’t the name “Charger” carry an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to those who use credit cards?

    1. oiram ifnab says:

      Free ad for chrysler.

  44. Al Phresceaux says:

    Well, you can’t use mountain lion because that’s just another name for Cougar and they’ll see right through that. Can’t use Puma for the same reason, plus it’s insensitive to Adidas wearers. Can’t use Lion because it’s insensitive to politicians (lyin’)

    1. Tyler says:

      Also “Corner Canyon Mountain Lions” doesn’t have nearly the ring of “Corner Canyon Cougars”…

  45. Emily Litella says:


    Jackie Coogan?

    Oh, you said cougar.

  46. Tyler says:

    I think it’s even more disrespectful to the big cats, that they have to be associated with this woman’s stupidity.

  47. Joe E in the IE says:

    “Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.”

    Stupid is now a gender, so I’m proud to be a male chauvinist pig.

  48. SteveT says:

    Who are these blazing idiots that we entrust with our children?! Ubelievable!

  49. CaBob says:

    She sounds sensitive. Perhaps she does not want anyone to notice her 18 year old boyfriend.
    How About Wolf being offensive to sexually agressive males, This is just more Liberal P C run amock.

  50. Spanky says:

    Isn’t a charger a type of large decorate plate that goes underneath a dinner plate?

    Charger plates, which date back to the 1300s, are just for show and do not offer any functionality.

    To me, it would be a lot more insulting to be known that way.

  51. Dodger says:

    Just checking “Urban Dictionary” and every animal I looked up had a subliminal sexual meaning…..

  52. jharry3 says:

    I guess now that animal names have double meaning in wacked out PC leftwing circles the only thing left is imaginary Space Aliens for school mascots.
    Can’t you see it?
    High School championship game – Jedi vs Klingons, Vulcans vs Daleks, Romulans vs Borg, Predator vs Alien, … whoops, already did that one.

    1. Sds says:

      Can’t use space aliens, it’s offensive to Scientologists

  53. momentofclarity says:

    Yeah, charger has no sexual connotation either:
    “A small cylindrical object that can be filled with money or drugs and inserted into the anus to conceal their whereabouts from the police/prison guards etc. As described in the classic French book ‘Papillon’.”

    That seems like a *much* better mascot…

  54. Brett says:

    dumb, dumb, dumb.

  55. Gerry says:

    It is very obvious that Mary Bailey actually IS a cougar, probably fuc#ing students and does not want to be caught, so her subconscious self made her object to the name of a wild North American cat as a mascot!! Look at yourself in the mirror, dipshi!, and then figure out what your next career should be, because it is NOT teaching children!!

    “Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.”

  56. malcom says:

    This is why I send my kids to a private School. I do my best to keep away from Liberals. We should segregate our society not by color by by liberals and all others.

      1. Bill Vernon says:

        But seriously though, why would you shield your kids from liberalism rather than just teaching them to question everything and ask themselves how they know something is true or not? Your children will fare better in life if you teach them how to think rather than what to think.

  57. carlton says:

    Actually, the mascot of a Cougar is appropriate; the schoolboard was thinking of the definition as: “In popular culture, the cougar is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman who attracts younger men”

    aka: Teacher

    1. george says:

      You’re right. Ms. Bailey was probably reminded uncomfortably of teach Mary Kay Letourneau.

  58. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Why can’t they just go with a Welfare Baby mascot? Nothing more terrifying that the “Corner Canyon High School Obamas.”

    1. Nanny says:

      I can’t stop laughing! I love it.

  59. mrtactful says:

    Do they really plan on the mascot being a middle-aged woman on a leash?

  60. Walt C says:

    This reminds of the same fuss that happened when the students of Taylorsville high school (in Taylorsville, Ut) chose the “Trojans” as their mascot. The powers that be thought it would be offensive and changed it to “Warriors”.

    That was back in the early 80’s. This kind of idiocy has been around for a while. Same argument then, if you were going to decide for them, why give the kids a choice?

  61. Talon2PRO says:

    What’s this country coming to?

  62. Mark Matis says:

    Actually, they were just concerned about what the kids would want to use as a mascot…

  63. Nanny says:

    Why let the students choose and then not let them have THEIR chose? Either nanny-state them and tell them what to think, or let them be free and educated.

    Why not chose the Coyotes? Oh, wait that might offend the dogs that drag victims across our boarders. No wonder so many home school these days.

  64. BigBoa says:

    Ya’ll are missing the big picture. Someone needs to raise the issue that it is just plain wrong to even have a “mascot”. That is akin to slavery. Has the MASCOT agreed to being a mascot? Does the mascot get paid for its use? DOWN WITH MASCOTS!!

    AH HAHAHA!!!! Stupid F’IN marxist liberal morons!

    1. jackieaxe says:

      Shouldn’t we demand more environmental sensitivity in mascots? I can see it now, the Snail Darters versus the Spotty Owls! (which BTW tastes like chicken)

  65. Jeff Freiberg says:

    “Charger” sounds disrespectful to the vibratory sex toy community.

  66. StupidCougar says:

    Un-bloody-believable. This poster-child for out-of-control PC-fascism should be fired.

  67. Marcia LaVine says:

    If women are going to be offended by hearing the word “cougar”.. maybe they shouldn’t be acting like the women who earned the label. That would take care of it.. sheesh. The ridiculousness of the politically correct crowd has gotten out of hand, because we’ve let them censor our language since they started whining about it. F them and the cougar they rode in on!

  68. Mike G says:

    I bet the ones who made this decision are Fuhrer Obama supporters. No right thinking Obama opponent would ever be this stupid.

  69. LukeJohn says:

    I school boards in Utah of all places are getting all PC on us, then we REALLY are in trouble.

  70. Richard Henkle says:

    the part that bothers me is that the students voted and then the results of the vote were overturned. Extrapolate this and imagine if Obama loses re-election, but then SCOTUS/Congress overturns b/c the voters are racist and awards term to Obama. Basically the same thing.

  71. Mark "Darrin" Kemp says:

    If this is their premise: “In popular culture, the cougar is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman who attracts younger men” it would be younger men that should be offended.

    Or do they mean to say that younger men tell older women to wear cougar skin or they won’t bone them?

    Otherwise, since the women who wear cougar skin shirts chose to wear them so to attract younger men, their argument is like saying no to the Canadian pipeline because Canada has snow.

    Their school board consists of morons.

    I’ll bet it has everything to do with aversion to Mormons.

  72. Brian says:

    How bout the Demi Moores?

  73. Jedediah says:

    This is beyond ridiculous!! The sports teams of the flagship university of Utah, Brigham Young University are called..guess what…THE COUGARS! My own University of Houston are the Cougars as well. Where do they dredge up these idiots??

    1. beagal says:

      Yeah. And I graduated from Kearns High School, also in the Salt Lake Valley.
      By the way, their mascot is the COUGAR!!!

  74. AT says:

    Um… I went to Washington State University. Should I be ashamed? 😦

    (Although, I think Univ. of Washington is probably more offensive… Huskies. Clearly they’re making fun of fat people!)

  75. Curtis Quico Reed says:

    Sounds like the principal has a guilty conscience….maybe SHE is a cougar and knows it!

    1. WagTheDog says:

      Nope. She’s just jealous.

  76. gigalocool says:

    This will be a great lesson for the kids on how their vote doesn’t really matter when the powers that be have something else in mind.

  77. albert says:

    Perhaps it’s women who are being disrespectful to cougars.

  78. ironage says:

    How about the “Corner Canyon Polygamists” (?)

    1. shelton says:

      I like the “Corner Canyon Cowards”

  79. Nick Renesis says:

    Stupidity run amok in the name of political correctness.

  80. Chris says:

    It’s not like they chose the “MILFs” as their mascot… Get a grip.

  81. kjens says:

    You know what a cordless di|do plugs into? A CHARGER!

  82. Rick O'Shea says:

    How about C**t Whackers?

  83. Richard says:

    When I was in high school, there was a full-time principal, and a secretary. That was the total administration. Period. Is the purpose of today’s schools’ top-heavy administration to give admiistrators time to take on life-and-death controversies like Cougars/Chargers? Maybe these idiots would like to move to Hoopeston, Illinois and take on their school’s nickname, the “Cornjerkers”.

  84. Calonzap says:

    This may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read but it isn’t far from it.

  85. Christopher Minick says:

    So…cougar is offensive because while they ment an animal, it could be construed as meaning a natural process of human nature related to sexuality..but Charger is okay…which actually is MENT to mean a type of WAR HORSE and as we all know.. war is a clean/safe action that hasnt lead to the deaths of tens of millions of humans. Might I add those evil Christians Mary (that I know you just HATE!) used Charger horses to run down thousands of innocent Muslims during the crusades… two can play at this PC game Mary.

    1. Dane Gunderson says:

      The Crusades began in 11th Century after 4 centuries of Jihad violence against Christians. The first clue that the “innocent Muslims” may have been getting some payback is that we number years so that scholars may reference prior historical events in sequence to later ones.

    2. drawlr says:

      That’s “meant.”

  86. Lew Ferrin says:

    Draper, Utah goes from “point of the mountain” between Salt Lake and Prove to down in the gutter. The adults, including the Mormons, on the school board need to get their collective heads out of the gutter. They also need to respect the vote of the students and not simply dictate to them as if the students’ vote did not count.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Hey, they’re just preparing the students for life in the REAL world. Or are you under the mistaken impression that YOUR vote counts in any election?

    2. Richard Mons says:

      In 1962, the district overrode the students of Hillcrest High from being named the Rebels. Is this the same Jordan District that gave Hillcrest the Huskys?

  87. Lew Ferrin says:

    Had an older brother who once lived in Draper until he came to his senses and moved to Green River, Wyoming. What a pathetic little town Draper still is.

  88. SimonRodia says:


  89. Richard says:

    I wonder what their fight song is, or would having a fight song be offensive?

  90. indiana_dave says:

    they could just pick another cat name, like pu5sies. That’s cute.

  91. jaline says:

    Try “Pumas” or “Mountain Lions”, though only stupid women would be offended by the word “Cougar)…and I can say that because I’m FEMALE.

  92. EricInWisconsin says:

    How about the mascot be dressed as a 40 year old woman in tight jeans, a low-cut top, and lots of make-up?

  93. Bob Robert says:

    charger 42 up, 26 down
    A small cylindrical object that can be filled with money or drugs and inserted into the anus to conceal their whereabouts from the police/prison guards etc. As described in the classic French book ”Papillon”.
    ”I tried to smuggle that chocolate out of jail but the guards found my charger”

  94. BigDaddyK says:

    Well I guess “The Mifls” didn’t stand a chance then, huh?

  95. West Houston says:

    Who is going to tell the University of Houston to fire its mascot of 60 years? Can I watch the resulting outburst of histerical laughter?

  96. Bob A says:

    FeminNazis in full blume.My they have filthy, filthy minds. Didn’t even consider the big cat. LOL

  97. jw5745 says:

    I must say–I never thought of a cougar that way. And never will….

    Hey–that’s what you get with liberals….

  98. Randall Lape says:

    World’s crazy.

  99. Liberalsarefunny says:


    Take a wild guess who this principle voted for in the last general election and who she will vote for in the next one..

  100. roninsherpa says:

    Dear Utah, get your head out of your ass.

  101. Zenostone says:

    It’s over. Waiting for the collapse…..

  102. Pepina says:

    Ok. I believe it now; the inmates ARE running the asylum.

  103. The Clintidote says:

    I’m betting Mary Bailey is a bitter, ugly democRat.

  104. Uncle Paul says:

    I hope they select a rooster as their mascot. What’s another name for a rooster?

  105. ThatOldGoat says:

    “Brigham Young University, considered conservative” – Here’s a perfect example of your leftist media. What relevence does that statement have to this story? Does the author make the statement “Mary Bailey, liberal school principal”? No, they never do THAT. Only conservatives are pointed out as if they were something unusual and thus, something to be dismissed or feared.

  106. David SonicReducer Trice says:

    Isn’t calling it a “HIGH” school being disrespectful to drug addicts?

  107. bill says:

    stupid democrats strike again.
    We have got to stop these fools!

  108. BD says:

    Why have a ballot if idiot, PC-correct liberals planned to override the election?

  109. Hnginthweb says:

    Anyone want a mormon for president since his associates run this state and put these people in chaRGE of such predatory cougar like assaults on unsuspecting prey?

  110. Deandre Andres says:

    So, she is offended that the students chose a fierce animal as their mascot? Her mind was obviously in the gutter (not the students). Well, so much for equality for women. How many guys out there would be offended had they chosen “Stalllions” (look it up)? Even if you think that word is offensive, you’re not going to cry like a baby because you think someone is being mean. Seriously! We will never survive as a people or as a nation until people stop being so darned offended at every teensy little thing! I suppose she would be offended if I told her to…Man up?

  111. buckeyebubba says:

    Is it something in the water, or the altitude and oxygen deprivation? Seem so many schools are being run by wack job employees. As they say, ‘Those that can do, those that can’t, teach”.

  112. David SonicReducer Trice says:

    Come to think of it, “Utah” is pretty darn disrespectful to short people.

  113. Bernie Bouck says:

    Political correctness gone amuck ! Welcome to the REST of the world, Utah ! Be careful what you sew, you may reap dragons teeth !

  114. Jsmith says:

    That’s stupid.

  115. Val Sorensen says:

    That crazy liberal political correctness is right here in our state!

  116. slobo says:

    Mary Bailey must have been turned down when she went after that 18 year old kid in that downtown bar…what she failed to realize…was that it was a gay bar! mary! How does it feel to be rejected by a gay guy? I’ll just take it out on my students when I sober up!!!

  117. David Nicholson says:

    The article should read “the school board, which consists of 6 men and 1 woman, all of whom are U of U fans…”

  118. Keith says:

    “Charger”? Isn’t that also a woman – with a credit card?

  119. lwayne says:

    They could be the Canyon High **Idiots** ……. but that would be disrespectful to theschool board members

  120. lah says:

    Perhaps they have never seen a woman with a Credit Card… That is a CHARGER!

  121. hangemhigh says:

    As an educator for 35 years, I am convinced that administrators must a course in Stupid as part of their requirements

  122. JWnTX says:

    So it’s better to be a credit card abuser than a chaser of younger men? Or is it demeaning to those working poor in China’s battery factories? I mean, applying the same kind of idiocy as the school district has employed….

  123. Trish says:

    My high school mascot was a Trojan…never thought of myself as a condom.

  124. Miguel Saavadera says:

    PC run-amoke …. the parents of this school district should tar & feather these idiots and run them outa town on a rail.

    Which came first the dat called a cougar, or the imoral female who preys on young men… So why fall prey to the current ‘slang?”

  125. theusual says:

    See how liberals pretend to let you choose?

  126. George T says:


    The same state that gave us Romney and Huntsman

  127. Spanky D. says:

    Speaking of negative images, isn’t a “Charger” an overspending female with an over abundance of credit cards? Wh@ts third on the list?

  128. Howard says:

    Next season the Cleveland BROWNS will have to become the Cleveland
    PURPLES. there are no Purple Skinned people left because they were all eaten.
    So that will be politically corrrect.

  129. David Baker says:

    First and foremost, a cougar is a large cat… never mind what way the term is used on occasion. The reaction of this principal tells us a lot more about her than about the definition of a word. I would never have thought about her defination on my own and neither would 98% of people. And, it’s the 2% who immediately think of the obscure and alternate meaning that we should worry about.

  130. Steve PA says:

    We have become a society of sissies who are so easily offended that it is sickening. We can’t be cougars because it offends women, but the choice of the mascot has not one thing to do with women. We can’t be Indians because it offends the Indians even though being named a mascot is a compliment! It’s gotten ridiculous. The America we know today would never have had the courage and conviction to win our independence. We’d be too concerned about offending the King of England. It’s embarrassing to see what weaklings many Americans have become in the past 30 years. And the Islamic world smells blood in the water, and America is asleep at the switch and showing itself weak – militarily, defensively, financially, morally and politically.

  131. Mr2Much says:

    That is fine. It is ok for the adults to decide. The mistake was the pretense of allowing the students to vote and decide, as long as the decide the way the adults want them to.

  132. Eric says:

    Liberal idiocy reaches new heights every day.

    For those unfamiliar with Draper, Utah: It was, until recently, a quiet, rural corner of the Sale Lake valley. Over the past 20 years it has become infested with a huge influx of dimwitted Californians who have brought their soft-headed nonsense with them. They’re generally politically conservative California Mormons who have fled the collapsing CA economy, but they are brainwashed from a lifetime of contact with the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

  133. Bruce M Jaqua says:

    This is perfect training for those kids into liberal ideology and government.


    Sounds a lot like the current administration.

  134. Matt says:

    why did you have voting if you weren’t going to honor the winner.

    thanks for contributing to the end of this once great country POS.

  135. John Smith says:

    To tell us if this has revelance to it. Define :”TOO” Plase make it so I, an Emglish Spealer, can also understand it.

  136. 1972Patriot says:

    They just created an “issue” that would interfere with the less favored name among the adults. The kids chose Cougars but the adults preferred Chargers. Btw, cougars are not offended by the term and the kids are not tuned in to your reasoning. Why even give the kids a choice if they aren’t allowed to utilize it?

  137. James Moore says:

    Actually, the cougar will kill men OR women whenever it is hungry. The difference is fertile women, uh,……bleed 3 months out of the year. Kick “a” predator either way.

  138. Jethro Bodine says:

    Let’s see, a Charger could mean someone who attacks or it could describe the horse that a knight would ride or then it could be a term used to describe someone who is purchasing something on credit. Ahhh, now it makes sense! A Charger is someone who spends money he doesn’t have. This is a round-about way of naming the school after Obama!

  139. notalib says:

    Will the liberal stupidity never end? No! As long as we have liberals in charge we are going to bet this type of stupidity! Schools and politics seem to have a top heavy number of stupid liberals. Lets get rid of them. All of them.

  140. Hugh Johnson says:

    I say make their mascott the M.I.L.F.S. then we would have something to talk about.

  141. Agent VX says:

    Stupid seems like too mild a term to describe the Corner Canyon school board and principal.

  142. gstefan says:

    So instead of a middle aged woman who favors young men they have a middle aged woman waving a credit card around as a mascot?

    Well if your going to nix cougar because of a hijack term, how is a term for a war horse that has a modern meaning any better?

  143. Johnebgood says:

    What is a Charger anyway? Nothing. A meaningless name, in actuality a verb, that doesn’t present uniiqueness so much as it projects nothingness. A Cougar on the other hand is a magificent animal to which real people admire, desire to emulate it’s prowess and tenacious manner. Poeple have always gravitated to real animate creatures as msacots and a cougar is one of the finest examples.

    What a disrespect to those students. It’s not like they selected the Playboy bunny mascot (even it that could have been cool).

  144. jidcat says:

    A Charger delivers juice only when its male plug is pushed into a female wall socket. Somebody should inform that idiot Principal.

  145. johnebgood says:

    On second thought, Charger is a good mascot for this high school as it’s a meaninless verb, not rooted in any admirable set of qualities like a Cougar represents. Yes, Charger is good because nothing is what these students will be getting from their HS programming. Go Chargers Go! (That was mean, cuz actually I pray for our dumbed down youth).

  146. Ursus Magnus says:

    Cougars werre wild cats before perverted morons assigned the name to MILFs.

    ALL school administrators must be fired and replaced with people who have a brain.

  147. rog says:

    Somebody’s jealous of the term.

  148. Steve3 says:

    So, the lady is embarrassed she’s a cougar … I guess her one opinion controls the school.

  149. Wereturtle says:

    Once again, the tyranny of the minority prevails

  150. Al says:

    The principle needs to go or be deported to New York!

  151. Soqueesh Mulhatra says:

    Bailey should be relieved of her position IMMEDIATELY! She should never be put in any position where she has a say in anything ever again.

  152. Max says:

    Well at least the school has taught these children a valuable real-world lesson, your vote meant nothing.

  153. Lew says:


  154. The Sage Waitress says:

    Poopular culture is a disease. Obviously, the only people…no wait, I cannot lump them in the same class as me…automatons who would confuse an animal with some poopular culture slang deserve to locked in padded rooms.

    I really think nuclear war is our best option. Most of the mediots live in large cities and would be fried. Their acolytes in the outskirts and countryside would provide a food source for the animals which provide us food.

  155. Gene Stephens says:

    The teachers are the cougars these days preying on their male students. Maybe thats what the principal was REALLY disturbed about….

  156. Tom says:

    I would have loved to have seen Sofia Vergara accept the school’s invitation to walk the side lines as the school’s mascot dressed in the bikinis that she used to wear on Fuera de Seria!

  157. Clyde Johnson says:

    If they thought it objectionable, why was it allowed to be on the ballot?
    If they were afraid their choice wouldn’t be chosen, why did they allow a vote?
    Could the students pull an F-U, and say they’ll compromise on Pumas instead?
    Could somebody flush, while these board members’ and the principal’s collective heads are still in the toilet?

  158. map says:

    Oh no…that is not a cougar.

    A cougar is a woman who over-estimated the staying power of her beauty…the result is that she is busy wasting her time chasing after younger (uglier) men in a vain attempt to capture the magic of her youth.

  159. Raisedbywolves says:

    Redskins, Indians are available. Political Correctness has destroyed a nation in 1 generation. Newt 2012!

  160. Dane Gunderson says:

    My 6th grade school mascot was the Cougar and yet it failed to drive the older female teachers to sexually molest the students. Hhmmmm…

  161. Dane Gunderson says:

    Nationwide millions of 7th Grade boys are petitioning their schools to change the school mascot to Cougar

  162. Dane Gunderson says:

    It’s only a matter of time before the gay community in San Francisco protests the Cal Bears mascot

  163. larry mason says:

    I wonder how many students will think that these people are extremely large anuses ? Also wouldn’t the best solution be for the students to have a fund raiser to hire a sexually agressive middle aged woman to be the school’s mascot ??

  164. Midge Martin says:

    Just another reason to get your children out of the government mind control centers that are run by degenerates. Degenerates that are paid with your wealth, extracted through taxation, with the threat of deadly force if you don’t pay their inflated, undeserved salaries.


  165. Tom Davidson says:

    The whole community is being denied the Freedom of Choice because ONE whining old biddy finds the name of an animal offensive? Is there any one else who can recognize the tyranny of the minority?

  166. Reeves' Army says:

    I didn’t think militant feminism had made it to Utah yet…

  167. darryl says:

    too many grown ups with their minds in the gutters

  168. TexasForever says:

    Complete MORONS!
    Who cares if THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS OLDER FEMALE TEACHERS NATIONWIDE sexually assault, molest or rape their younger male students almost on a DAILY basis.
    By all means we must protect these FEMALE sexual deviates and predators!

  169. bubba says:

    Since we can’t call them Cougars, I would like to offer some other suggestions that should be acceptable to the Canyon School District:

    The Mary Baileys (might be offensive to fat women)
    The Non-Animals (might be offensive to bacteria)
    The People (might be offensive to animals)
    The Apologists (might be offensive to people who don’t)
    The Barking Starfish (he he he)

  170. oldpanther says:

    I laughed so hard I almost peed. Please tell me this is a joke.

  171. richmondtommy says:

    What a bunch of dingbats!!!

  172. JWS says:

    “The school board, which consists of six raging p#$$ies and one woman…”


  173. moonmac says:

    Liberals are just one big poo stain across our country!

  174. Strange Murphy says:

    Principal Mary Bailey is a dumb arse!

  175. Melvin says:

    The rational that is behind this decision is beyond the term stupid. What would the, “Folks,” and the school district approve of Barny the Purple Dinosaur. “Good evening Canyon River, tonight coming on to the field is the Canyon River Purple Dinosaurs, the Barny’s.”
    The people of the Canyon River School District need to take a stand on the nincompoops that are supposed to be teaching these kids. The “Folks,” who might take offense to the name Cougar, get a friggin life and get yur nose of the the Tabloids because that is where the name was invented.
    It is truly scary that such loonacy( describes an idea that is thought of by a cross-breed between a loon and a doofus loonus ) abound these days.

  176. Stephen says:

    I think Utah should outlaw older single women, that way only older single women would be outlaws.

    Is this story even real? It is time for a new School Board. These people are trusting the school with there children?

  177. Kahn Fucious says:

    It seems to me that Chargers would be more offensive to women…

  178. Coral says:

    The Draper school board is populated with a bunch of very stupid and silly people. If they had changed the mascot because it was one used by too many schools, nothing would have been said, but to do so because of the new “meaning” given it is beyond belief. Can’t say that I would trust the education of anyone graduating from the Draper area schools….”trickle down” idiocy is real.

  179. sailingStu says:

    Didn’t women in some Scandinavian country want men to sit down to pee? When I read the headline, the thought of a TV shown I have never watched didn’t enter my mind. Doesn’t ths principal have any better things to do?

  180. TroyG says:

    See, this is proof that these people have way too much free time.
    Make them work instead of worrying about stupidity like this.
    Anyone who has time to worry about whether or not someone would be offended by naming their mascot a cougar certainly has nothing of substance to do.
    Fire these idiots, and let the kids have their say.
    A cougar is a magnificent animal and makes a great mascot!

  181. mike b says:

    Nice lesson in real state of democracy in Amerika. Elections aren’t actually deciding anything, you’re just being given the chance to approve the choice thats already been made.
    Unless the mascot costume was going to be a midddle aged women in hot pants, why would the board have even gone there?

  182. charles draper says:

    Same crowd that insisted a local restaurant remove “battered shrimp” from the menu, reasoning that it was insensitive to battered women.

  183. boidies says:

    This is right up there with not allowing kids to play horse on the playground…

  184. Ounce Oflogic says:

    Some stories you just gotta say Wow.
    Political correctness gone wild.
    We’re almost out of mascot names.
    There is only one group of people that still hasn’t achieved victimhood…One group who is not allowed to be offended.
    This school has to call itself the RICH WHITE CONSERVATIVES.

  185. Andres says:

    Who’s the pervs… The students who voted for the name of a powerful wild cat, which is also the mascot of a well liked nearby university, or the school district administrators who instead immediately could only imagine the presently popular sexual connotation of the word? I suspect the old saying applies… “If the shoe fits…”

  186. Forest Wilson says:

    I like Cougars and detest Liberals.

  187. Tom Payne says:

    The real point here is that as a society we continue to be overly PC. One could take offense at almost any name. This school board shows how far we have fallen and they should be fired. “Come let me offend you” was an article penned in the early 1990s poking fun at PC…it was written by a woman. The school board would do well to read it.

  188. Steve says:

    We should go hunt Utah Cougars to extinction so they don’t offend woman. How dare they let humans give them a name that is offensive to women.

  189. Edgar Friendly says:

    Does this mean that Penn State won’t be allowed to change their name to the Penn State Sodomists?

    My point is that there are bigger problems, usually created by liberals, than what the name of a team is, but they won’t realistically address those issues…like our president stating the jobs issue will be solved if we just turn the whole country into Disneyworld with free unchecked Visas for the world and we can just sell t-shirts to the world for a living.
    Mental midgets every one of them.

  190. ora says:

    do a google search for “charger slang”. The term comes up as “an early morning blow job”. They should stick with cougar.

  191. Jake T. says:

    Charger… let’s teach them how to get into debt faster!

  192. MyWayOrTheHightway says:

    How could such a NARROW MINDED dolt be selected as a School Principal.

    All words have many meanings. If one chooses to identify it by a derogatory meaning, that says a lot about that person.

    The CHILDREN selecting the mascot are looking towards the TRADITIONAL meaning, the STRONG meaning, the INNOCENT meaning. It is a shame that a person with obvious social issues is able to unilaterally decide that all people must have the same negative, social thoughts as SHE does.

  193. bob says:

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

    Read more: “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  194. Wilbur Post says:

    “Charger” – ain’t that insulting to profligate, deficit spending politicians????

  195. Chawoobie says:

    Good thing Cobden High School in Cobden Illinois isn’t so politically correct!! They are the Appleknockers!! Can you imagine the teasing the girls (oops, I guess I should say women) must get??

  196. scott says:

    What’s scarier than a man in a black suit with a brief case saying “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

  197. EWelborn says:

    A “Charger” is just another term for a woman who has a shopping addiction for which she is unable to actually pay cash for anything… this in turn forces her look for younger men that can afford to pay her credit card bills thus making her a “cougar”. In some parts of the US this is also known as prostitution.

  198. Jon24 says:

    Wow, how pathetic!

  199. james walsh says:

    My wife said, “how about Cougars (middle ages sexually aggressive women type) being offensive to women.” If they get rid of anything, they should get rid of the human cougar not the innocent cougar.

  200. craig eliot says:

    on the contrary, a cougar is very respectable to older women by showing that they are still vital and sexual beings. I suspect the woman who said it was disrespectful had a bug up her a#%

  201. Mike says:

    Surprised they didn’t just go the route of Greendale on “Community” and call themselves the Human Beings. Surely “Charger” could be offensive to someone somehow.

  202. jennay says:

    Really People? Really? You know political correctness just p*sses me off

  203. zonablue says:

    Chino Valley Cougars, Chino Valley, AZ, this Utah administrator is insane.

  204. Anti Chris says:

    Shirley you can’t be serious. Politically Correct once again overstepping the boundaries of sane judgement.

  205. John Lindsay says:

    School Board members apparently have way too much time on their hands. Try puma, mountain lions, bobcats…. I would recommend psych evalluations of these people. Seriously.

  206. Joe User says:

    Maybe the students should interpret the “Chargers” mascot as they wish. They can create a mascot of a 40’s something woman waving a handful of charge cards at the other team. Or, version may be the “War Horse” and they could depict the rich lord riding his charger and running down the poor serf’s and slaughtering them. And everyone would be able to thank the school board for making such an excellent decision so as not to offend vibrant older women.

  207. Jack White says:

    Remember the old days of PC stupidity when only Indian names like Redskins and Braves were offensive? Now animals are offensive.

    Soon enough sports teams will be called Team A, Team B, Team C.

    Then again, sports are offensive because not everyone wins and kids might get their feelings hurt.

    That’s it no more teams, no more mascots. Problems solved, liberal Democrat style.

  208. Paddy says:

    Here in the northwest, out of respect for cougars, we call that type of women, barracudas.

  209. Pyroclastic Flow says:

    Another example of the PC,BS and other reeducation information being forced upon all americans by the left. Elimination of the DOE is a must and get back to giving our children and country the tools to have a Great Life.

  210. Krats says:

    Great lesson in democracy — majority wins — no, it doesn’t!

  211. Noah Vaile says:

    So. School Board sets up an “election” to pick winner.
    THEN chooses the winner itself.
    Sound familiar?

  212. LEE says:

    if anyone was curious as to whjy we are falling behind in education, look at the fools running local education systems…. they are more concerned with a sports nickname than educating young people

  213. Rich says:



  214. Go Coogs! says:

    Ask the Penn State Nittany Lions what happens when they tangle with “disrespected women,” … Houston Cougars 30, Penn St 14 … on Jan. 2, 2012.

  215. Rich says:

    Now the school board can get back to masterbating.
    Just DO NOT educate those kids!

  216. j says:

    elections should have results that count for something.
    – the lesson the school board is teaching the students here, is that we only allow your election to count if you choose what we chose for you, so why bother to vote.

    Welcome to the USSR – one party, big brother,paternal, we know better than you Utah.

  217. Rich says:

    What’s the problem?
    Did the mascot resemble a cat or a pole dancer?

    1. shredder says:

      or a Pole Cat?

  218. Rich says:

    Mrs. Bailey, Betty White is in the waiting room, topless in a thong.
    She looks offended.

  219. April says:

    Would this even be an issue if they didn’t have a cougar for a principal?

  220. MDWhite says:

    How about the “Corner Canyon Geldings” or the “Corner Canyon Capons” or, how about the “Corner Canyon Eunuchs”?

  221. Earl P. Holt III says:

    If people wonder why the public schools in this country are a cesspool, they need only look at this story. American public schools are being run by the dumbest and most incompetent people alive, outside of mental institutions and homeless shelters…

  222. Gary says:

    Liberalism rears its ugly head again

  223. sailordude says:

    Well, if the kids were not familiar before with the slang term for Cougar, they sure are now!

  224. David Maxwell says:

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  225. koczani says:

    This is stupid. Cougar refers to an animal. What’s next? Changing the name for milk because it is too close to MILF?

    Chargers?? Hmm, a charger can be an electrical device. One can refer to electrical device plug ins as having male (pronged) or female (slotted) connections. That has a sexual connection also.

  226. Reality Check says:

    This sounds so familiar.

    Our local school district is very unique. The name of the School District, the city it started in, and the first high school are all the same Indian word, which makes the high school one of the handful of uniquely named high schools in the U.S. The second high school was also named with an Indian word beginning with the same letter. Again very unique.

    The third high school had a contest to name the high school. But the school board made the politically correct decision to ban all Indian words from the competition because they “might be offensive” to Indians. Nobody bothered to ask the local Indian tribes of course, but there you go

  227. beagal says:

    Way too sensitive. I’m a graduate of Kearns High School–also in the Salt Lake Valley. BTW, our mascot is the COUGAR! (which existed way before the “stigmatizing” association).

  228. Mr Obvious says:

    I strongly feel that a woman who is clearly WAY TOO SENSITIVE about being called a cougar should not be the principle of a high school – date young men much principle Bailey???

  229. DawnJ says:

    Will the PC idiots just go away already. This is one of the most asinine stories I’ve come across in a world filled with asinine stories. What a bunch of bone-headed idiots.

    I don’t know ANY women that are offended or would be offended by a cougar mascot. I certainly am not.

  230. quagga53 says:

    Why is Courtney Cox’s face in the article? Does she live in Draper? Is she a Cougar expert? Did she make any salient comments? Is there any connection between her and the article? Oh! She stars in a tv show with the name “cougar” in it. Well that’s really a relevant connection. Seems like they’re pandering to her publicity (no offense to black and white bears).

  231. Nunya says:

    Love the comments, hate the stupidity that actually generated them. This is absolutely ridiculous, and any school board member that actually voted for this needs to be removed from office because they have lost their sanity. Same for the principal in this case. What ever happened to “…words will never hurt me?” Political correctness is cultural Marxism.

  232. albertoEss says:

    Principal Bailey sounds like and old frustrated b i t c h
    looking for publicity.

  233. myother says:

    Cougars should be prosecuted for doing this to women.

  234. Drew says:

    Charger: A middle aged woman who shops too much.

  235. milo says:

    Sounds like somebody’s got a case of projection going on :\

  236. HWJ says:

    Please tell me this is really a joke.

  237. SGT Ted says:

    Cougars are sleek, beautiful, to be respected and can be dangerous.

    The only ones offended by the ‘cougar’ reference are those women who aren’t sexy enough to be considered one.

  238. shredder says:

    “In popular culture Cougar is a sexually aggressive middle aged woman”
    In REAL life a Cougar is an aggressive carnivourus CAT!
    We ARE dealing with REAL LIFE, here, aren’t we?
    Besides I really don’t think ANY sexually aggressive middle aged woman could possibly be insulted by this.

  239. tramky says:

    And these are the idiots who educate our children. They are an embarrassment and should be fired–all of them.

  240. BG says:

    Great message sent to the kids. Use the democratic process to choose but when the results don’t come back favorable to those in charge. use a BS reason to force your will. Pathetic and what a waste of time. Anyone ever consider the Kids might want to go to BYU or respect that school and that’s why they choose the cougar?

    1. WW says:

      best post… this is what we, as a nation, have to look forward to in nov 2012. teach the kids early how to “make” an election turn out with results you want. shameful what is “taught/learned” in the public schools today. so there will be another article of a female “cougar” teacher that has “shared her personal life” with a few of her male students in awhile, and we will all just shake our heads when she can’t be fired due to union rules. how low we have sunk.

  241. oklahomabound says:

    New mascot: The Corner Canyon Equality. The Corner Canyon Equality will be a gender neutral person made up of all colors (except white, white is clearly evil and supresses other colors). The Corner Canyon Equality will wear Air Jordon’s, a kilt and a 99%er T-shirt while carrying different signs each game that support social justice (aka: socialist, communist and eco-Nazi) causes. Now that is a mascot I’m sure this board could get behind.

  242. jen says:

    OMG do these people have anything better to do than stand around WAITING to be offended?

  243. JimBoy says:

    a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an UGLY connotation that is disrespectful to women.
    This is the key word “U G L Y” as in she would never make it as a “Cougar” because of U G L Y, or is she really F U G L Y! Guess that is why she is offended!

  244. MI_Mike says:

    “The school board, which consists of six men and one woman, thought the Charger would be more appropriate, which was on the ballot but failed to appeal to students as the cougar had.”

    So, this was a vote? The school board presented possible names on the ballot for students to vote, but then they don’t like the outcome, so…..

    Why was the mascot name put to a vote? Oh Mary, your methods are so silly. You made the mistake of showing your true intentions when you pulled out the iron fist at the end You could have at least faked the outcome and pretended everyone had voted for The Chargers. You’ll do better next time.

  245. Flint says:

    I bet Mary Bailey is having an illegal affair with under age students. That is why she finds the word cougar offensive.

    The county sheriff should start looking around.

  246. Teddy Novak says:

    Mary Bailey, Executive Director, K-16 High School

  247. Thomas says:

    Sounds the principal considers herself to resemble the label of being “cougar” or she wouldn’t be so sensitive about it. Otherwise, it really doesn’t make any sense that someone would be so offended by being named after such a beautiful but fierce animal.

  248. Kevin Fodor says:

    Sounds like a few teachers or administrators there have guilty consciences.

  249. Teddy Novak says:

    Personally, I kinda like the image of a “sexually aggressive middle-aged woman” but if Ms. Bailey finds that offensive, how about a different four-legged female mascot she can relate to – the D U M B B I T C H.

  250. Eric D. says:

    what about The Corner Canyon Laughing Stocks?

  251. algoa456 says:

    Truly, the US has become a mad society…..

    The world laughs at you and you are so dumb and poorly educated you don’t even notice.

    1. liddymeme says:

      True, the rest of the world does laugh at us for such silly things. We look like morons to the rest of the world that don’t worry about silly political correctness while they instead concentrate on growing their economies and education systems, you know, important things.

  252. MinnFinn says:

    This Principal seems to have some sort of personal problems, if she can’t make a distinction between a school mascot and something in a completely different context that an animal name is sometimes used in. Maybe the school needs to start looking for a more stable, compatible Principal. This whole “sensitivity” thing taken to such an extreme as this makes me feel like barfing.

  253. prowhiners says:

    This is called a liberal going out of their way to be offended.

  254. metoo says:

    I think the name “Canyons” School District is disrespectful to women.


  255. liddymeme says:

    Mary Bailey, what a worthless, Un-American, politically correct worshiping POS that should have NO business having anything to with educating our children or being near schools. She needs to be fired and never allowed to work in a school or have anything to do with education again! This is an example of a bad American.

  256. ForAmerica says:

    Do people just make this stuff up? Americans are the most offended people on the planet. It’s seems like so many people actually go out of their way to look for ways to be offended. Sounds like the principal needs some counseling.

  257. UtahBoyMovedEast says:

    And then I am reminded why I moved away from Utah. Nice place, it really is, and I have fond memories. But, oy.

  258. Chic Harmon says:

    Utah is a joke anyway.

    Absurd does not even begin to describe this…

    Is this country so out of touch with reality…so bored with itself, that it needs to CREATE controversy where there is none???

    We are becoming a nation of ignorant morons..(is that an oxymoron?)

  259. Tom Tucker says:

    Wow!!! Just goes to show you how messed up our thinking has become. Having a cougar for a mascot is disrespectful to women…yet being a cougar isn’t???? Unbelieveable. Congratulations, we can finally admit it. We have all gone completely insane.

  260. Shawn Patterson says:

    Political correctness “dumbing down” America one “progressive” day after another.

  261. mainerinexile says:

    they have it wrong – the use “cougar” by women is disrespectful to the cats, which have been COUGARS WAY BEFORE they took the nickname – there should be a desist order against calling women “cougars”

  262. attila_the_hunney says:

    Mormons!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. Joe Bidenn says:

    Why dont they call themselves the IDIOTs. Named after the school board.

  264. Chet says:

    How Gay! This political corectness stuff is really Gay!

  265. Joe Bidenn says:

    I know a lot a female ‘ cougars’ that scare the hell out of me. If the shoe fits where it. What young football player would want to go up against That?

  266. masterleemochow says:

    This is such a waste of time and effort. 5 min of life i will never get back

  267. JSucese says:

    Really? How about the Kearns High School Cougars? They’ve been around forvever and noone ever thought it was offensive. Grow up people in Utah….sheesh!

  268. michaelp says:

    I just can’t believe this ! An X rated term, takes priority over a real live cougar ? Oral sex isn’t sex ! Illegals mean, just cross the border. Is there a new dictionary, we don’t know about ?

  269. russ t says:

    Let me guess . . . . district superintendent went to Oregon State.

  270. Chuck D. says:

    Small town in a small state with a small mind.

  271. cashman says:

    Good lord! My high school’s mascot was the Trojans. Nobody ever complained about that.

    1. banana-na-na-na says:

      Did you ever get ribbed about it?

  272. sadbuttrue says:

    It is a great lesson for the children regarding Democracy. Democracy works until you choose something the real people with power don’t want.

  273. Banana-na-na-na says:

    Maybe they should name their mascot after some whitey killing indiginous people. That shouldn’t offend anyone.

  274. kcsparky says:

    Liberal, progressive academia mentality run amok. Pathetic!!!

  275. Michael the Truth says:

    These politicaly correct people absolutly fit the dictionary definition of idiot. These people are mentally challenged, and have no business sitting on any board. Unless it’s a teeter totter.

  276. Mark Twain says:

    God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board.

  277. Kevin Stowell says:

    What a moron. ‘Sounds like he was projecting a quality onto others that is probably true about himself.

  278. Scout48 says:

    Hey kids! We are gonna pick a mascot! Pick anything off this list. Keep in mind that I think a Charger would be a cool mascot. WHAT!!! You didn’t pick mine! The mascot that you picked (that no one had a problem with when making the ballot) is offensive. Lets use mine.

    Nothing looses a kids trust like telling them you can choose and then telling them they can’t have it because it isn’t what you want.

  279. sick of TNB says:

    I thought Utah was a conservative state.

    1. lee says:

      it is.
      sometimes slippery things slip thru the cracks
      even in Utah.
      its a shame the adults on the board lack the maturity
      of the students

  280. zmarf says:

    OMG, these idiots are “educating” kids.

  281. toopid says:

    How about “The Perpetually Offended”?

  282. Stuart Smalley says:

    Nothing like political correctness run amok. And I thought Utah had conservative backbone. This is pathetic.

    How about Trojans, instead? Carries a nice double entendre that seems to match the School District leadership – fearless warriors, or flimsy cover that provides a false sense of security while in reality you’re being sc****d.

  283. Absurd says:

    LOL, what is their mascot, a Demi Moore outfit?

  284. danseagull says:


  285. Y'bow Dabda Howish says:

    These people are idiots. Cougars have been cougars way longer than women have been known as ‘Cougars.” Overly sensitive New Age Lefties are ruining this country.

  286. mike says:

    I believe the team should henceforth be known as “The Mighty Fighting MILFS”.

    Even in liberal California SF Bay area, my San Lorenzo Valley High School mascot and team name was SLV “Cougars”. Never occurred to anyone to object. Even here in liberal land no one ever thought to get this mindlessly politically correct so as to become indistinguishable mentally from a ‘flat line’ condition.

  287. Hyman Hindenburg says:

    So she was afraid using cougar as a mascot might bring attention to something she is afraid to talk about. Well, I guess she fails and gets an F as everyone is talking about it now especially everyone in Draper Utah. Good job you twit.

  288. area51az says:

    I laughed so hard at the comments, I teared up. This lady should go on stage!

  289. Steven E Meyer says:

    Isn’t Utah a Red State

  290. BILL THE BIKE says:


  291. Tex Geoas says:

    That’s like…. I see dead people… or, I see racists. Insane over-reaction.

  292. JJ says:

    Principal – brainless wonder
    Board of Education members – gutless wonders
    All of them need to get new jobs ASAP.

  293. Just Ron says:

    Imagine that!!
    This filthy minded, sexually stunted and frustrated imbecilette just TAUGHT those children that a cougar was something dirty.
    Those innocent children didn’t know this till that filthy minded public servant taught them that.
    Is she a pedophile.

  294. Dave Wilder says:

    I’m still looking around for that wormhole I dropped into.Things this stupid don’t happen in the universe I come from.

  295. Harrison Bergereon says:

    You see kids, democracy doesn’t work. You voted for your choice and the REAL government (in this case, the Board of Education) decided for you. Your first lesson in real government

  296. Stuntman Mike says:

    okay – here’s my take on this:
    This would be laughable if it were not a glimpse into what these students can expect from their life in The Land Of The Free…
    The students (We The People) have voted for something. There was a consensus and a clear winner.
    Too bad!
    Your handlers (the government) have determined otherwise.
    Get used to it – this is your future.

  297. George Gorman says:

    Is it just me, or is this ruling itself a whole lot more offensive? It is the school board members who are apparently unable to think of any word without relating it to negative stereotypes, not the students.

    On a side note, as a confirmed “leftie” myself, I don’t think political affiliation has much to do with this stupidity.

  298. JimmyJ says:

    So basically students: your voice and vote don’t count when they contradict the will of an appointed absolute power. Remember this forever and all times as American Citizens.

  299. Roger says:

    What has that one animal who displays unsound reasoning who seeks revenge upon society by behaving wontonly employing unsound beliefs while trying their best to seduce men of her junior years got to do with the other animal, that while acting within its natural instincts, behaves with far more moral rectitude?

    Said school board is offensive to the people of Utah and America as it is offensive to name the behavior of said contrived trollop to that of a wild beast dispalying a natural majesty. It’s an insult to that animal residing in the woods

    Congrats, school board. Another bad thought has been sexualized onto those young minds who are supposedly within your care.

  300. Wendy says:

    only direspectful if u like young men you couger……lmfao…..guilty conscience maybe?????

    1. Wendy says:

      so true!!!!!! lmao

      maybe she watched 2 much american pie?????????????LMAO

  301. Turban says:

    Are we to be deprived of every word in our vocabulary because a boatload of ignorant, neurotic inmates have taken over the asylum? Remember the offense taken in DC when some official used the word “niggardly” — which only means stingy — because it sounds like you-know-what? I was tempted to ask how this Mary Bailey could be so profoundly possessed of ignorance until I remembered she is an educator and thus it’s her job to teach it.

  302. MingTian says:

    Wow…just…wow. The moment I thought the human race couldn’t get more stupid and I see this. I think we need to take these idiots to a zoo and show them a cougar, maybe even throw them in the cage!

  303. Richard Freeman says:

    So we should change the name of a big cat just because of a stupid modern euphemism? Don’t these spinless PC cowards know is also caled a puma.
    The stupidity and cowardice of humanity never fail to amaze me.

  304. John W. O says:

    i hear they’re going to change the mascot to the “Sandy Clams”

  305. Enroriejego says:

    Mi dispiace, niente non posso aiutarvi. Penso che troverai la giusta soluzione. Non disperate.

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