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Utah School Board Says Cougar Mascot Too Offensive To Women

By William McGuinness

DRAPER, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) — One Utah school district believes a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women.

The Canyons School District overrode the students top choice of a cougar mascot for their high school that is to be completed in 2013.

Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.

In popular culture, the cougar is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman who attracts younger men.

The school board, which consists of six men and one woman, thought the Charger would be more appropriate, which was on the ballot but failed to appeal to students as the cougar had. This is apparently paramount to today’s already-perfect educational system, where debating about the definition of a modern culturally-inclined word surpasses the need for scholarships for high school seniors.

Cougars — the large mountain cats — are popular in Utah. Brigham Young University, considered conservative, uses the cougar for its mascot.

Bailey said Corner Canyon’s close proximity to BYU was another reason to use the Charger.

She said the cougar was popular enough, while the charger gave the school an opportunity to have a unique mascot in Utah.

  • J Ruben Kincaid


    • rudebutcool1

      Oh who needs a nickname anyways…why not just call them the Global warmers..or better yet the Gorleons…Its so “appropriate”

    • drew

      The fighting MILFs?

    • tsarbomba

      They might also consider changing the name of the school district because “canyons” might be considered derogatory toward women also.

    • Ann-Marie

      I agree! It’s just an animal for heavens sake!

      • Santino Vannozzi

        Which came first the mascot or the modern slang term? That should be the deciding factor

    • Ghostsouls

      What should be renamed is the down and call it Diaper, Utah, because it carries a load of….

      • Larry Northern

        CHARGER connotation: Male Stud Horse, A Hard Charger: Aggressive Male in Business, or a Male Stud Horse with an erectiion


      • dDd

        The name Mary means a crack ho in some circles. She should change her name.

      • TD

        Chargers, would that be a black box plugged into the wall with a wire coming out of it or a woman with a couple of credit cards?

      • Scott H.

        You guys are great!

      • Lew

        Motion seconded, made, carried!

      • Andrew Russell

        How about the “Corner Canyon Cher’s”. Animal’s Mascot’s are so 1950’s, and celebrity Masot’s are the rage. Plus, it rhymes and she’s a great singer.

      • DocSmith

        They should reconsider hiring this person as Principal. She is obviously a moron.

      • kB

        dDd that is hilarious! The poor children do not need this abuse!

      • Neo

        They are replacing the Cougar mascot. The new mascot will be a woman dressed as a cradle robber.

      • BI

        One more example of Government intervention. An election was provided, the people picked an option (in this case the Students), and a Government board somewhere decided the result picked was not up to their licking so it was over-ridden.

        Why did they even offer the “cougar” option if they had no intention of using it?

        Chargers have just as many negative meanings as Cougar, if not quite so popular. For that matter, so does the principal’s name, Mary.

      • mike c

        “in popular culture, cougar…”. Popular cultur? More like porn culture. Wonder what these board members have saved on their computers.

    • Ted Davis

      What’s next? Will we have to change all the Broad Streets and Broadways in every town in the country. Such imbeciles!!!!!


    • Dana Blasi

      http://www.schscougars.org/apps/bbmessages/ Seele Canyon Cougars Jamul Ca.

    • Andrew Russell

      Maybe they should have gone with “Corner Canyon Non-Specific Entities of Indeterminate Origin”? Oops. “Non-Specific” would be offensive to Trans-gender folks, and “Indeterminate Origin” could be offensive to orphans or those with single parents. Maybe they could be the “Corner Canyon Diversities” with a Rainbow Logo that won’t offend… er… uh… never mind.

      • Indy

        I’m still trying to figure out what actual cougars have ever done to anyone that they should be degraded by being compared to older women interested in younger men. Is this common behaviour among cougars in the animal kingdom? I believe they are owed an apology.

      • Buster Hymen

        *Kabong* — Too fockin funny!

      • Jojo

        Kabong, that “rounded off” comment is offensive to amputees.

      • Kabong

        The word corner is too specific. I am offended and demand that it be rounded off.

      • Lazybum

        Maybe they should select clear gelatin as their mascot….

      • Command

        Well said Indy!

      • formerleewarmer

        i used a hoe in my garden and a rake on my leaves. am I bi?

      • Cantwait for November

        Sad part is that we name teams after something or someone we respect. We try to bask in the “power” of the mascot by naming our team after it. Why would anyone want to call their team something if they mean the name to be “Offensive”. No one ever has to be taught this. Even young kids, middle schoolers and high schoolers get it. It is only pc liberals that have to view everything in terms of offense.

    • Leslie

      I wonder if Mz.Bailey is a couger.Ha Ha.

    • Southern

      Oh great!! A charger is something prisioners use to hide stuff up where the sun doesn’t shine. Folks can generally find a secondary meaning for a word if they try hard enough. A cougar was a nmountain lion long before it was a sex craxed middle age woman. Maybe Mary Bailey is a cougar and the name struck too close to home.

    • Robert Hartley

      The mascot name “Charger” has male written all over it. How ironic that this was overlooked by the PC Principal and the PC Board. So, where does that leave the female students? Obviously, without a mascot that represents their interests ….possibly?

    • A. Levy

      “Political correctness is a greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism…”

    • John Deviney

      Oh get over it

    • Joe

      How about the Corner Canyon Cowards?

    • Brian

      I can see it now, T-shirts, hats, signs with a picture of a cell phone CHARGER as the mascot. I guess not all that is left to do is to have the different cell phone companies bid on if the brand name to be on the CHARGER. Pony up the money AT&T and Verizon. Who will be the highest bidder!

    • jerhig

      Why not Puma’s? Tommy Smothers would go for that!

    • TheRealKingMax

      Just announced!

      2012 Democatic National Commitee theme song for the election, compliments of Edgar Winter:

      “FREE RIDE”

      • Bob Cavicchioli

        I’m not a Democrat, but Reality is right – this makes no sense here Max.

      • Myst

        Pretty dumb comment, Max.

      • TheRealKingMax

        Reality drooled the following, “Second article you’ve posted that awful pun on. And this time it doesn’t fit.

        You are not funny”.

        “Reality”, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

        And it wasn’t intended to be “funny”, azzklown. That comment reflects EXACTLY what your ilk plans to do in the ’12 campaign with OUR taxdollars.

        It obviously makes you quite uncomfortable – who cares, Cap’n Zero?

        Now – STFU, and keep your whines to YOURSELF.

      • Reality

        Second article you’ve posted that awful pun on. And this time it doesn’t fit.

        You are not funny.

    • willum

      Just say no to public education

    • Bill

      Assuming the term “cougar” has more meaning to humans than the animal is offensive to wild cougars, is it not? The cougar packs should chase these officials down and eat them

    • Mary

      This is so stupid. I have a child at Running Brushy Middle School in Cedar Park Texas and they are cougers. They think of the animal and not the implication.

      Really denying the choice because of slang?. Id be worried if the school opened with the mascot being an older woman looking to a younger man with a I’m going to get you!” with a grin.

      Gods! Get a life!

    • Cherrie Bonham

      This is why our children are out of control, because they are givin a choice to make and when they make the choice they are not allowed to have their choice! It is things like this that make our children loose faith in their country and its officials! If cougar was such an insult to women why was it even allowed on the list to begin with, it should have been removed before the children were allowed to vote on it, but then it wasnt an insult, it was still seen as a mountian lion. The children picked it they should have it! I was labeled a cougar just because I am now a divorced woman over 45yrs old, I dont date younger men, and I cant control who I attract from my looks. I dont take home every man that hits on me either. They need to stop calling us cougars because we are not mountian lions and leave the cougar in the mountains where they belong. These school officials need to do what is right and that is to give the children the winner of their vote, not to void it out! Why even bother getting the children involved to vote if the plan was not to use it anyways, all you school officials are doing is teaching the children not to bother voting because it doesnt make a difference the officials are going to do what they want anyways! Thanks for damaging more of our future voting Americans. Plus the last time I checked we lived in America the home of the free, and not in Russia the home of the controled! Thanks for more damaged children!
      Cherrie Bonham

      • big bubba

        awesome comment, what you said was dead on, dont tell some one they can make a choice then decide there choice is unacceptable thats just plain stupidity. perhaps the kids should vote again and agree on our school system is a joke or just jokers for short.

  • Ted

    Ah liberals…just when you think their stupidity has reached its limit, they find another way.

    • Sheez

      THIS JUST IN: Chicago has indeffinately changed their NFL team mascot as to not get confused with fat, hairy, gay men

    • Brian Braswell

      I can remember when you would say that Political Correctness would destroy intellegence, freedom of of speech, the fabric of our society and more, you were called an idiot because that could never happen. And look at us now…. I guess we all were idiots after all.

      • poorhardworker

        You are so right, Brian! Why didn’t we listen to ourselves?

    • stompingmoose

      I heard that the University of Maryland is reconsidering its nickname because some felt they were being insensitive to terrapins.

    • Jim

      Change the mascot name to “Charger”? I thought a Charger was an automobile. What am I missing here?

      • Keith Rogers

        No, it’s that fancy big plate below the dinner plate. Can’t wait to see the costume.

      • nonion

        Technically it’s a horse (see the origination of the San Diego NFL team by the same name).

      • Chris

        They can’t use the mascot “Charger” because it’s offensive to people in debt.

    • Jo Roark

      right on!

    • Liberals in Utah?

      Did you not read the byline? This is Utah. Pretty sure those were not liberals on that School Board.

      • Eric

        You don’t know much, do you. Salt Lake City is extremely liberal, politically. Former mayor Rocky Anderson is as liberal as they get. He is running for President, having formed his own political party whose platform consists of indicting George W. Bush for crimes against humanity.

        Draper itself is a suddenly booming hive of California transplants who have brought their loopy liberal ideas with them. They fled the cesspool that is California and now spend all their time complaining that Utah isn’t exactly like California.

        Utah politics is dominated by so-called “Republicans”, but they are RINOS of the worst sort. Generally socially conservative, but they are Big Government uber-liberals when it comes to taxing, spending, regulating, micromanaging and social engineering. There are very few true conservatives in Utah. That’s why Mitt Romney is so popular here.

        Now you know.

      • LA Doc

        You’re telling me there are NO liberals in Utah? Let’s see, you’ve got some PC dingbat, public school employee, with yet another silly, “offfensive” ban. But because it’s in Utah, she must not be a liberal. So she’s just another petty, hand-wringing, self-righteous, know-it-all? Aren’t they the same thing as liberals? And what party would she be a member of then?

      • UtahNative

        There are A LOT of lefties in Utah. The State Legislature may be majority “Republican,” but the Teachers Union figured out long ago they should run their lefty candidates as Republicans. The legislature is FULL of RINOs, and the local school boards are much, much worse.

      • John

        Eric, you are generalizing Salt Lake City to mean all of Utah. It is not true.

        Outside of Salt Lake, Utah is VERY conservative. They don’t even fluoridate their water unlike the rest of the country.

        Oh by the way, Romney is not for high taxes, or micro regulating so where the heck are you getting that from? His healthcare plan was a Heritage Foundation, mostly free market response to Clinton’s own Marxist health care plan that had gained steam shortly prior to that. We have Reagan to thank for the forced treatment of all comers to hospitals, (aka free riders) would you like to revoke that requirement for hospitals?

    • Ghostsouls

      /You took the words right out of my mouth!!! So, does this now mean the black panthers have to take panther out of their name, for being offensive to blacks?

      • Daniel

        Ha Ha Ha! Everybody knows that a Black Panther won’t work.

      • Panthera onca

        Nope, because it’s offensive to black panthers = the actual jungle animals. ie. the melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat.

      • Spence

        Right. Super Liberal Utah. It’s where Mitt Romeney is from

      • evefromeden

        Ian sings the sweet soul sisters are sexual panthers, beautifully cool.

      • joebitaeme

        this is Bushhs. fault…of course.

      • Pappadave

        Actually, Romney’s from Michigan, but who’s counting?

    • stloony

      They typically vote yes when needing to raise the stupidity ceiling. They are now the cause of the greatest rational debt we’ve ever seen. It’s the great rational depression.

      • ktoo

        Rational depression or rational deficit? Either way, the stupidty ceiling thing is funnnny stuff. Just looking at the screen name…are you from a city with a baseball team that won the World Series lately?

      • Cougar Fan

        According to the pc logic the Brigham Young University COUGARS will now have to change their mascot name as well. When this nonsense ever end!!!!!!

      • Spanky

        As of 12/31/2006, the federal debt was $8.4T and unemployment was 4.4%.

        Three days later, on 1/3/2007, the 110th Congress was seated with Democrats in TOTAL CONTROL of both the Senate and the House.

        That is when the misery started.

        Under Dem control of Congress, unemployment skyrocketed and the debt is now over $15T. Worse, it’s headed to $20T by 2016 based on what Dems already committed to spending!

        This republic cannot afford any more Dem politicians.

    • Nick

      +1 for agreeing 100%

    • oljw00

      The interesting part is these type of actions actually have the net effect of working AGAINST their (Liberals) larger goals as it paints the narrative of them being kooks!

      And yet, they can’t see the truth through their mis-guided idealism…

      • robert g

        But liberals are kooks.

    • Myst

      Gotta love how conservatives try to mindlessly blame “liberals” for everything. This isn’t a liberal/conservative thing–this is a stupidity thing. Though the school board is more likely conservative for two reasons–

      1. It’s Utah.
      2. Conservatives tend to be the stupid one’s.

    • Joe Bob Jones

      Imbecile. Draper is over 85% Mormon, and heavily republican.

      • avgjoe

        Just because the city is mostly republican doesnt mean the school board is! Gee just look at the NEA 99.9% LIEberal but their membership (aka the teachers are probably about 55-60% LIEberal) THUS not an accurate representation! Just look at MOST of America politicians, yes even republicans, are more LIEberal than their constituency. Now just go to a field where its almost required to be a leftist like teaching. See we are basically talking about career politicians NOT the avgjoe, the article even stated the student body voted for cougar as mascot.

    • jimonthebeach

      Liberalism and common sense are two opposing concepts. There is no limit to stupidity.

    • Chris

      How about the “Corner Canyon Demi Moores?”

  • Scottiedont

    It’s official. PC bull$#!% has officially become our national language.

    Complete idiots.

    • Joe

      You are correct: PC is communist Bull Sh….!

    • Bob59

      Correction, PC is the belief that you can pick up the clean end of a turd

  • trigger

    this a sign that Mrs. Baily needs to be given the boot.

  • Christian Halas

    Another example of PC stupidity.

  • les

    Well I guess we know what principal Mary Baily does at night. I hope they checked the boys bathrooms for camerals.

  • paperpushermj

    Got that Right Brother

  • joe

    Maybe an inside joke? Did Mary get with a student? Don’t let kids vote on anything permanent, kids hate school and like nothing more than to hurt it.

  • Mistah D

    I’ve never heard cougar being used as term for any kind of woman. Am I crazy?

    • Steve M. Hilton

      Liberalism is the philosophy of the stupid. How about naming the mascott Aholes? Seems to fit better to their schoolboard.

    • say it right

      No. I’m a 59-yr old woman and didn’t know that the word cougar was used as a slang term for an older woman going after younger men until last year. This school district is silly for trying to give such credence to slang language. Instead, they should be correcting their students and teaching them to not use slang and encouraging them to understand the meaning of the word cougar as it is shown in the dictionary.

    • theobromine

      Never heard of a TV show called “Cougartown?” Frat movies show them importing middleaged women for dates because “they know what they’re doing” and appreciate young men better than young women. Instead of Gigilos, the shoe is on the other foot. Older women preying and paying for younger men. Verrrrry popular in schools – male student teachers are the prey for older women in highschools everywhere. Ask a teen who’s doing the Principal and get an earful. Must be some Cougars in that town!

  • hugh

    I agree with Kincaid, “RIDICULOUS” I believe the six men and one woman on the board are just way to P- C- for their own good. I suggest they use common sense but it is apparent non exist.

  • John

    The school board needs to get its mind out of the gutter. It’s a frigging animal for crying out loud.

    • wazup

      Maybe the name School Board should be changed because it can be taken by some PC liberals to mean school bored which has a sexual connotation. Sanitize everything.

      Why are the majority always on the defensive for their views and beliefs by a tiny minority?

  • Scott Kirwin

    Let’s see, a powerful cat that can successfully take on grizzly bears. And it’s thought to be monogamous. Not only is the school board politically correct, it doesn’t even know about the animal.

    As for the common usage of the term, a powerful, self-confident and independent older woman.

    Morons. In Utah of all places surprisingly…

    • Fred Zarguna

      Its a CARNIVORE. That alone is a disqualification.

      • george

        “Corner Canyon Veggies” does have an appropriate ring to it.

      • J Ruben Kincaid

        great point

  • Fred Zarguna

    One can only imagine the other idiotic decisions people in this school district have to live with.

    Next to go: all sports terms involving the use of the word “ball.” As in footBALL, baseBALL, soccer BALL, tennis BALL; these terms may be offensive to the BALL-less. [not only those with two X-chromosomes on the 23-pair, but also those BALL-less men on the school board who acquiesce in this laughable decision.]

  • John C

    if the school is willing to listen to a vote of the majority of students, why have a ballot at all?

    • Stacey

      My thoughts as well. #2 choice was Diamondbacks, #3 was Falcons, #4 was Raptors. The district is going with Chargers, which has absolutely nothing to do with our community. I would never have thought of cougars as inappropriate.

    • Fred Zarguna

      In order to afford an opportunity to provide, in this ‘teachable moment,’ a lesson to all of the students, to wit:
      1) We don’t care what you want, think, or say.
      2) The language means only what we, the anointed, say it means.
      3) A single anointed minority’s right not to be offended trumps the 1st Amendment Rights of everyone else.

      • Wayne Moore

        Sorry…. clicked on the report link by accident. $#%@# webpages and their loading quirks made it jump under my cursor.

      • exbobbie

        Damn Fred, you just described the Democrat Party play book, way to go buddy, guess we know who these moron school officials vote for.

  • sean patriot

    This country is getting dumber by the second.

  • VMSmithe

    It seems to me principal Mary Baily is being VERY insensitive to people who use batteries and/or credit cards.

  • sean patriot

    Principal Mary Baily needs to be bombarded with phone calls at the Corner Canyon High School .Heres the number: (801) 826-5000. Call them with DISGUST

    • DeusVult

      Good Job posting the #…I hope they do get lots of calls for this nonsense!
      LMAO!….Was the “COUGAR” mascot going to be wearing a lil black dress, nylons and sexy high heels or a bikini???
      Liberalism IS a mental disorder!!!
      ABO=”ANYBODY But (resident-thats NOT a typo!) obama!
      p.s. I love “COUGARS!”-lol!

  • tom hardgrave

    Hey, I’m offended now, my wife has a new charger. That’s not fair.

  • Julie

    If they were just going to veto the cougar for being “disrespectful to women” (which is a crock), then why have it on the ballot as a choice to begin with? Good grief. These people should move to California where their political correctness will be better tolerated.

    • exbobbie

      Julie, PLEASE, we have enough morons here in La La land already, we really don,t need any more, send them to Washington they would fit in well there.

  • Rev Paul

    If this happens in Utah, what hope is there for the country?!?

  • Alfred Hussein Neuman

    First of all, unless the mascot is a picture of an old woman with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, I don’t know that anyone picture something other than the animal.

    Second, as far as “an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women”, that’s like saying “A dirty old man” is disrespectful to men.

  • Mark Hopkins

    A Charger is a much better choice. A war horse used to run down minorities while ridden by rich priviledged white guys who had won life’s lottery by the luck of their birth.

    • eddyjames

      I don’t know about that,the first mental image I got when I heard the term charger was Barry and Mooschell standing there in the “On vacation” line with a government credit card in hand.

    • DeusVult

      LOL!-thats a good one!
      I like “CRUSADERS” myself….Warriors turning back the tide of the muslim hordes!

    • Andrew Russell

      Not a war horse… a “Peace Pony”.

  • Ken Morrison

    I am no longer surprised when I read an article about some stupid position a teacher, administrator, or school board takes. There isn’t a day goes bye I don’t read an article like this. These people are teaching (indoctrinating) our kids for Gods sake! We need to abolish all public school teachers unions and rid our schools of these liberal wack jobs. You never hear this kind of foolishness at parochial schools. They (parochial schools) run on a fraction of the budgets of their public school counterparts and boast higher graduation rates,GPA’s, and college acceptances.

    • Vanyali

      Amen. I agree with you, and I’m not even religious. The public schools are a disaster. We’d be better off without them.

      • Bill Vernon

        Vanyali, you need to read the article I posted. The results of the study are counterintuitive but private schools fare worse than public schools when compared appropriately.

    • Bill Vernon

      Parochial schools only appear good because of the demographic that attends. When comparing apples to apples, private schools do worse than public schools.
      After accounting for socioeconomic status, public schools fare better.


      • cousin eddy

        why not just compare performance to performance, without trying to manipulate the stats to serve an agenda?

    • AUEagle

      Excellent point!

  • Atlas_Shrug

    THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! What a great lesson on democracy for the students. They voted and the school board voted 7 to more than 7 and the board won. Someone who drives a charger should scream they are offended.

  • Oscarphone

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    What’s not so funny is that these are the people who are teaching our children.

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