The proposed high-speed rail project that would link Las Vegas with Southern California is a step closer to reality. The “DesertXpress,” which would link Vegas to Victorville, California, has passed its environmental impact study, meaning it only needs final approval from the Department of Transportation. Senator Harry Reid and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made the announcement Friday at UNLV. Reid said the project would create an estimated 35,000 jobs and boost tourism to Southern Nevada. LaHood called it “an important day for high-speed rail in Nevada.” The 200-mile rail system would transport passengers at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. The route still needs approval by the Federal Railroad Administration.

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  1. Anthony Gregrow says:

    I would rather see the highway from Victorville and Las Vegas widened. If I would ride a train, I would want to bring my car so I have transportation when I get to my destination.

    1. LVCorvette says:

      WHY Victorville ? the time people drive up the hill,park their car,get on the train,they could have driven to LV,checked into their hotel or motel AND still have their car…and of course no one has mentioned the cost for the ticket.

      Just another farce

      Get me from ONT to LAS in 45 minutes I’m on board with the train

  2. Anthony Gregrow says:

    Why is Harry trying to tell us what we need in the transportation department. He should give the state the money and let us decide what to build.

  3. Kefty Eaton says:

    Nonsense and diversion from harry trying to get the EPA messures passed in a nefarious way after the Congress and the American people rejected Cap and Trade last year. Same old divert attention to something else while he steals water from the counties north of Clark and tries to get EPA regulations enacted to raise our electric bills.

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