One lawmaker has warned of a Middle East-style unrest if the College of Southern Nevada doesn’t get more funding.  State Senator John Lee urged a joint Legislative subcommittee to shift more funds to state colleges, otherwise, quote, “we will have to do as they did in Egypt, fight for those rights.”  Governor Brian Sandoval wants to cut 30-percent from the College of Southern Nevada budget.

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  1. ron frank says:

    The students remind me of The Hitler Youth from the 20th. Century. Thomas Jefferson wrote that the Government is not allowed to use taxpayer money to fund the propatagion of opinions which the taxpayers find obnoxous and revolting and to teach those things was sinfull and tyranical! It is easy to understand how the anti christian, anti jewish, and the anti muslium mind set has infected so many over the years. Like Thomas I too am waiting for the end of the age of witches. Thank you.

  2. me says:

    I work in the HR department of one of the Nevada System of Higher Education schools. 2 years ago the legislators gave us the right to charge additional student fees, to give the school an additional source of income. There were restrictions placed on using the revenue generated by these funds, they had to be used to fund positions that directly impacted student services. What the schools do, instead of using them to pay the salary of existing positions within student services, they went out and hired additional staff, funding their salaries with these fees. If they would have used them on existing positions, they could have used those salary saving to save other programs.

    The more money you give them the more they will spend and the more they will need. Get rid of the waste first.

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