DesertXpress Enterprises, the company that wants to build a high-speed train from Las Vegas to Victorville, has applied for a $4.9 billion federal loan.  Ironically, that still wouldnt be enough to construct whats billed as a $6 billion project.

The Federal Railroad Administration will hire an independent analyst to determine if ridership estimates, $50 one-way fares and other related revenue will be enough to repay the loan and prevent taxpayers from getting stuck with the bill.

Desertxpress is waiting for environmental clearances before it can begin preliminary design and engineering on the 185-mile route.

Comments (7)
  1. perry says:

    So it would cost a family of four $400.00 round trip Las Vegas/Victorville on the train. Or I can fly to ONT for about the same. Better yet I can drive to the beach in my RAM 1500 round trip for about $150.00 and take 6 people. I don’t know which mode of transportation to choose.

  2. Dan says:

    Oh Boy! Can’t ait to take the train to Victorville!

  3. Tony says:

    Where the hell is Victorville?

  4. Irene K says:

    Stupid with a capital “S”! It would almost be tempting if it actually went somewhere. Let’s see – take the DeX to Victorville. Rent a car to go to my planned destination. Drive down into LA basin traffic. When done with festivities, drive back to Victorville. Turn in rental car. Take DeX back to Vegas (assuming it’s running when I need it to be) and bail car out of paid parking.

    Or I can just fly there. Or, better yet, drive my little compact car with a full load to wherever I want to go. Is it possible for the federal government to get any more stupid?

  5. Touristfromcal says:

    Are we going to be tied up and depend on oil for our whole life? Please, please give this kind of mass transportation a chance.

  6. Ruben Thomas says:

    Hah, Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi

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