springbreak2 MTV's "Spring Break Live" Comes To Vegas

Pauly Shore and Randi Cox at MTV Spring Break 2004 in Mexico

Las Vegas has officially been chosen to host MTV Spring Break 2011.  Something tells me the “sin” factor of “Sin City” is about to skyrocket!

boyz MTV's "Spring Break Live" Comes To Vegas

First, the “Real World” back in 2002, then the Video Music Awards in 2007 – perhaps all good things really do come in 3s.  According to the website paradiseparties.com, The Palms Hotel and Casino will host MTV’s daily live broadcast of Spring Break 2011. 

Poolside stages will host countless entertainers, while thousands of young revelers swim in the spring sun and party it up while their peers across America watch.  The broadcasts are scheduled for March 6 – 9.

Previously, MTV’s big party has been held in Cancun, Mexico, Panama City, Fla., Negril, Jamaica, and Acapulco, Mexico.


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