jumpforjoy "Jump 4 Joy" Raises $30,000 for Kids

KXNT reporter Robert Rytina joined several other participants in plummeting over 800 from the top of the Stratosphere Tower Thursday night, to raise money for the Standish Foundation.  See for yourself the entire jump, caught on film!

To see a larger version of the video, click the “you tube” ^ button.

For more details on the event, and the charitable cause, check out:


  1. Donn Pearlman says:

    Very cool! Thank you for the coverage of this fund-raising event and the “reporter involvement” that was certainly far ABOVE the usual call of duty.

  2. Frank L says:

    Congrats to Robert for the display of intestinal fortitude and representing KXNT for a worthy cause.

  3. linda says:

    Wow, what a brave and awesome thing to do….

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