strip 1 385x250 Sports Arena Petitions Submitted

Former Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury joined the KXNT Morning News to discuss the latest efforts at getting a new sports arena built near the Las Vegas Strip.  Click below to listen. 

Supporters have gathered and submitted more than 200,000 signatures on a petition to fund the arena.   The Arena Initiative Committee, which is led by Harrah’s Entertainment, collected the signatures from registered voters.  It calls for next year’s Legislature to allow a nearly one-percent sales tax increase to help fund a 500-million dollar arena.  The tax would be collected within a three-mile radius of the proposed arena near the Imperial Palace hotel, meaning tourists would fund most of the cost.  If lawmakers reject the tax, it will go to voters in 2012.  Harrah’s hopes the area will attract a major league baseball or hockey team.  The Harrah’s effort is facing a challenge from the city of Las Vegas, which is making moves to build a sports arena in the downtown area.

  1. Great! says:

    We’ll bite the hand that feeds us. Real smart move.

  2. Don R says:

    The only jobs this dumb idea will create (just like the idiotic monorail) is UNION construction jobs, which when completed will then lead to an organizing of those that would work inside the facility and somewhere, somehow we private citizens will end up with a bill.

  3. Mike says:

    An endless, open ended supply of our tax dollars for the union leadership?

  4. the electrician says:

    this is a seiu campaign they sent out their work force to collect the signatures for this arena, only unions will benefit from this from the early stages of construction to employing workers to work inside as service workers. I would like to see non union companies build this if it passes, which i hope it doesnt, so harrahs can pay for it themselves.Remember their are homes within the 3 mile radius and whos to say that that wont extend any further than the 3 mile no….

  5. So... says:

    Let Harrah’s pay for it if they think it is such a great idea.

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