Reno police say the man accused of shooting and wounding three people at a Walmart store on Friday had purchased bullets at the same store a short time earlier.

The “Reno Gazette-Journal” says during a news conference Monday, Reno Police Chief Steve Pitts says 45-year-old John Dennis Gillane bought a 50-round box of 44-caliber ammo from the sporting goods department at the South Reno discount store, then waited in a staff rest room until his bosses came to work. Pitts says Gillane fired four shots, wounding the three store managers. Police say Gillane went to the Walmart to discuss what he called “grievances.” Pitts says police officials negotiated with Gillane until he surrendered peacefully later Friday afternoon. One of the shooting victims has been released from the hospital, while two others remain in stable condition. Gillane remains held without bail in the Washoe County Jail, but an initial court hearing has not yet been scheduled.