Keep it honest !

There are many eyes on Nevada this election season. The national media and national political parties are watching closely to see how Nevada votes and to make sure nobody breaks any rules.  There have already been allegations of  wrongdoing. Some supporters of Republican Sharron Angle complained that when some folks went to vote, there was already a check mark by Democrat Harry Reid’s name on the electronic ballot. Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax tells KXNT  maybe the voter accidentially touched the screen, even a piece of paper might be enough to register on the high tech touch screens.  Lomax says the systems have been checked, re-checked and certified and are good to go.

 The Federal Goverment is also watching to prevent wrongdoing. United States Attorney for the District of Nevada,  Daniel Bogden announces that Assistant United States Attorney Russell Marsh will lead the efforts of his office in overseeing any complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuse.

Both the national Republican and Democratic parties have plans in place to dispatch attorneys and challenge the results of Tuesday’s election if things look suspicious.  You have to hope that there is a clear, uncontested winner on Tuesday, so the election can end on election day and not drag on in  a bitter devisive court fight.