As part of a two day conference designed to forge partnerships between renewable energy projects and the U.S. military, the Undersecretary of the Air Force, Erin C. Conaton, hosted a media roundtable event.  Click MORE to hear the reports, including the Undersecretary addressing concerns that wind or solar farms may interfere with Nellis training exercises.

Listen to parts one and two of the special report:

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I hope that there are more green energy projects that are utilized nation wide. At least this conference itself would enable the military and the federal government to come up with partnerships that will enable to form projects in areas that are feasible for the environment. At least have the money to do so in this case. This sounds like a major project that would cost millions of dollars.

    1. sreenivasan says:

      There is nothing green about the green projects. Just like any medicine, everything has a side effect. In this case the side effect is far worse than the benefits. Green projects are just a pipe dream. Let us start drilling and get the economy going again. Learn from Russians and Chinese. Then when we run out of oil, we can worry about it then.

  2. Dan says:

    I wish the folks at Nellis would just drop a few of their bombs on the EPA.

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