Top Spots To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Las Vegas

March 1, 2013 5:00 AM

Photo Credit: Conservatory and Botanical Garden at The Bellagio

When it’s time to entertain grandparents, there are different things to consider: dietary needs, limited mobility and their interests. With the vast amount of entertainment and the variety of restaurant venues in the Las Vegas area, you can find something for pretty much everyone, even for those on a budget. Here are a few suggestions of places that offer wonderful guest experiences at nominal, low or no cost to their visitors. You can dine on delectable home-cooked specials, eat lighter according to your dietary needs or visit a few enjoyable Las Vegas Valley places of interest at your own pace and according to your grandparents’ comfort level.

blueberry hill tripadvisorcom Top Spots To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Las Vegas

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Blueberry Hill Restaurant
2855 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 436-6664

Blueberry Hill offers satisfying home-cooked meals at a reasonable cost. That’s the restaurant’s premise and that’s what the staff does best in this true Las Vegas institution. When you want to take grandma or grandpa out to dinner or lunch, there is bound to be something that they will enjoy, whether on the seniors’ or the regular menu. Blueberry Hill is a great family dining experience and is wheelchair accessible.

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sweettomatoescom Top Spots To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Las Vegas

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Sweet Tomatoes
375 N. Stephanie St.
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 933-1212

Sweet Tomatoes is a hit with everyone from kids to seniors. The lighter fare sits well on most tummies and everything on the menu is fresh and delicious. The buffet style perfectly suits those with particular dietary needs. Seniors get 10 percent off the cost of their food, which is an extra budget-pleaser and the value for the cost is excellent. This spot is a bit tricky for those with walkers or those wheelchair-bound, but it is doable and worth it.

pagoda  gardens   kaye Top Spots To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Las Vegas

There is much to see at the Conservatory and Botanical Garden (Credit, Sharon Damon)

The Conservatory and Botanical Garden at The Bellagio
3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(888) 987-6667

This is where the family can take their photos, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the indoor garden setting, delight in the creativity of the gardeners and enjoy the water dancing to music outdoors. This is truly one of the most beautiful casinos in Las Vegas, and it does it up right with a free conservatory for all to enjoy. With new dazzling floral displays every season, this is possibly the finest indoor garden in the city. The Conservatory is wheelchair accessible.

elthel m s in summer 010 Top Spots To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Las Vegas

Ethel M’s in the summer (Credit, Sharon Damon)

Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory & Botanical Cactus Garden 
2 Cactus Garden Drive
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 435-2655

Do grandma and grandpa like strolling through a beautifully manicured three-acre cactus garden? Do they want to sit among the cacti and enjoy people watching? Would they like to walk through a self-guided tour, learning about the chocolate-making process and getting a piece of chocolate as a reward before entering a shop filled with delectable preservative-free chocolate treats including the most delicious and decadent cocoa you can possibly imagine and your choice of ice cream flavors? You can find all that and more at this very popular little facility in Henderson, home of the first chocolate factory in Nevada. The tour and garden are free and it is wheelchair accessible, with a 10 percent senior discount at checkout.

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samstownlvcom mystic falls

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Mystic Falls Park at Sam’s Town
5111 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV 89122
(702) 456-7777

Mystic Falls is one of the best smelling indoor venues in Las Vegas. When you stroll through the pathways and sit among the vegetation, listening to the waterfall while enjoying nature’s aromatherapy and the chirping of the birds in the real trees, you feel as though you are truly in a forest. Grandparents will delight at this oasis in the desert, no matter the season. Animatronic animals move and add to the charm of this free attraction, as the fountains explode to heights of eight stories and lights shimmer in the water and on the rock face, providing an unforgettable experience. Here, all generations can relax, enjoy a few treats and engage in the art of conversation between the shows. Who knows, grandma and grandpa may even enjoy a few slots in the smoke-free section before returning to desert reality. Sam’s Town is wheelchair accessible.

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