Top Local Poets In Las Vegas

November 18, 2013 4:00 AM

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Poetry is the art of the spoken word and Las Vegas boasts a thriving poetry scene. Poets, both transplanted and native born, share their thoughts, feelings, opinions and desires during poetry slams, performances, events, readings and other avenues in Southern Nevada. The male and female poets of Las Vegas include different ethnicities, backgrounds, beliefs and ages. What brings them together is their love of poetry, their need to share their work and the audiences who listen.

China Hudson

China Hudson

For 14 years, China Hudson has been an integral part of the Las Vegas cultural scene through spoken word, theater and dance. She has created community programming which includes writing, performing and directing 14 original productions. Her passion is to spread the spoken word about racial, political and social issues confronting women today. She is also a teaching artist at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts Las Vegas, mentors young women in the Love Yourself First program and teaches dance at West Las Vegas Cultural Arts Center.

Dayvid Figler

Dayvid Figler

Dayvid Figler, who has always called Las Vegas his home, is a death penalty-qualified criminal lawyer (and retired judge) by day and a performance artist (with humor) the rest of the time. For more than 19 years, Figler has shared his poetry and even opened for the Beastie Boys in 1994. Figler has toured the country in different poetry slams and festivals including South by Southwest and Lollapalooza, has been awarded Fellowships and honored with awards. Figler is the author of “Merry Christmas, Jewboy (Kapow!)” and his commentaries have been broadcast on the public radio network NPR program “All Things Considered.”

fagelman Top Local Poets In Las Vegas

Harry Fagel

Las Vegas native and Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer, Harry Fagel is also a performance poet who has been part of the Las Vegas poetry scene for more than 20 years. Fagel is the author of three books, “Street Talk,” “Undercover” and “Skin and Bones,” and released one live CD entitled “Wordmurder.” Fagel has received grants to continue his work in poetry in the Nevada university system as well as produced poetry events. Fagel, who calls himself “Poet, Warrior, Performer,” lives outside of Las Vegas with his wife and two children.

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sean Top Local Poets In Las Vegas

Sean Critchfield

Sean Critchfield considers himself an autobiographical poet and spoken word artist who expresses himself through performance art and plays. He has performed around the world and has opened for Paul Draper, Malcolm Jamal Warner and KRS-ONE. In 2007, Critchfield was awarded Las Vegas Grand Slam champ, Slam Poet and slam poem by Las Vegas Poets. Growing up in Las Vegas in the 1990s, he was influenced by a bookstore owner who gave him a job. While working in the bookstore, he developed his love for the literary world and a desire to express himself through the spoken word and performance. Critchfield has also written and produced one-act plays.

jorge Top Local Poets In Las Vegas

Jorge Lara

Jorge Lara is a writer, poet, executive director of The Las Vegas Poets Organization and Editor-in-Chief of VIMMAG: Vegas Poetry + Culture. Currently working on a book of his poetry, Lara has been writing since high school. Along with expressing himself as a poet, he helped to create the Las Vegas Poets Organization to develop opportunities for poets to share their work and introduce people to the spoken word. His magazine, VIMMAG, is a way to expose poets and other artists in Southern Nevada to the public.

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