Top Las Vegas Music Connoisseurs To Follow On Twitter

February 14, 2013 5:00 AM

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With its huge selection of performance venues that house coveted musical acts from around the world, Las Vegas is fertile ground for music enthusiasts to experience epic sound events, and inevitably, to tweet about them. For music fans seeking distilled information about the best artists and local shows, these tweets can be a gold mine of helpful tips on the Las Vegas music scene. Here are some of the best Twitter accounts held by top music lovers in Las Vegas.

Brandy Provenzano

Brandy Provenzano

With a wide variety of music tastes and tweets about the best indie music events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Brandy Provenzano, proprietor of BrandyVinyl Productions, is one of the best Twitter feeds in town for music connoisseurs. Fans of contemporary independent music who seek concert recommendations for Las Vegas will find a glut of information on local shows by a well-versed and highly selective music aficionado.

Spencer Patterson 

A self-reported “sound enthusiast,” writer and managing editor for Las Vegas Weekly, Spencer Patterson’s Twitter is a steady source of music commentary and new information about upcoming local concerts, ticket prices and on-sale dates and locations. His feed is most valuable for tips, tricks and detailed information on the biggest concerts on the largest hotel venues in the city. Food-phobic followers beware: if Patterson’s Twitter major is in music, his minor is in local foodie-ism.

Rob Perelman
Rob Perelman 

Poker pro, world traveler and music enthusiast Rob Perelman, widely known on the Internet as @veerob, is a man with an exploding calendar and a doubly exploding Twitter feed. Perelman has won himself money in the World Series of Poker multiple times. Besides poker and travel, he frequently tweets about live music, both local and worldwide, and attends so many enviable places and music events that a less-adept music enthusiast might suffer pangs of jealousy upon following.

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Mix 94.1 Radio 

Mix 94.1 Radio is the best local source for information on the most popular concerts held by the world’s most highly recognized music superstars. This radio station’s feed on Twitter is a useful find for locals and frequent Las Vegas visitors looking for events, concert promotions and radio giveaways, where listeners can score free gear and tickets. Mix 94.1 also tweets about local events, including fundraising galas and charity festivals.

double down flag banner Top Las Vegas Music Connoisseurs To Follow On Twitter
Double Down Saloon 

For lovers of punk rock, the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas is the best local place to see it, and it is the best local feed to read about punk music news and upcoming concerts. The Double Down Saloon is famous for, among other unusual drinks, its bacon martini. On the national stage, Double Down Saloon has been hailed by badboy television food guru Anthony Bourdain as a favorite bar of his.

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