Best Resources For Single Moms In Las Vegas

January 24, 2011 4:27 PM

Nahusa offers experienced, bonded and licensed nannies, housekeepers and babysitters. (Credit:

Las Vegas has the well-earned reputation as America’s adult playground. Along the famed Strip are mega-resorts, casinos, posh restaurants and world-class entertainment. However, behind the glittery facades are the working people who go to their regular jobs every day, raise families and face the same realities as everyone else in America. Single moms in Las Vegas, a city of a million residents, must find suitable jobs and have the added responsibility of giving their kids the best possible care. There are many day-care, preschool and other facilities for kids of working parents in Las Vegas. Single moms have a variety of job options in a city where many of the hotels, restaurants, clubs and other facilities are open 24 hours a day. The working single moms have choices of resources that allow them the most favorable time to spend with their kids. Here are several of the most recommended. – Ted Sherman
nahusa Best Resources For Single Moms In Las Vegas

Nahusa offers experienced, bonded and licensed nannies, housekeepers and babysitters. (Credit:

In-Home Babysitting Services

Nanny and Housekeepers USA
3585 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 451-0021

Available are experienced, bonded and licensed nannies, housekeepers and babysitters. Their services can be booked by working moms for full or part time, including after-school supervision of older children. The agency is often referred by major Las Vegas resorts, including Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand. A member of the Better Business Bureau, Nannies and Housekeepers USA earned the Best of Las Vegas Award in 2009. Charges include a $20 fee per day to the agency, plus $15 per hour while the hired worker is with the kids and doing other required work in your home.

Religion-Related Childcare

All Saints’ Episcopal Church
4201 West Washington Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(702) 878-2373

The church administration oversees the well-recommended All Saints’ School, which accepts kids age 2 through 6 for day-care. Many military families from nearby Nellis Air Force Base bring their kids to All Saints’. Charges range from $135 to $280 per month.

Resort Childcare Facilities

The Station Resorts: Boulder, Santa Fe, Sunset, Texas, Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock all offer in-house childcare through a Las Vegas private contractor, Kids Quest, with local office at:

4111 Boulder Highway

Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 432-7569

Single moms may find it advantageous to find jobs that combine adequate income with having as much time with their small kids as possible. An ideal arrangement would be for the mom to work in or near a resort that has in-house quality childcare. Charges for care range from $6.75 to $8 per hour. Because Las Vegas resort staffs operate on a 24-7 basis, it gives single moms opportunities to work shifts in the casino, front desk, security, restaurants, housekeeping and other areas that could offer varieties of shift jobs. While on the job, the single moms can also make quick visits to in-house childcare facilities. If they work late shifts, they can spend quality daytime hours at home with their kids.

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