Best Places In Vegas For A Picnic

June 27, 2011 1:49 PM

Photo Credit: Jamie Diamoth / Getty Images

desertbreezepark Best Places In Vegas For A Picnic

Desert Breeze Park

Address: 8425 W Spring Mountain Rd – Las Vegas, NV

URL: Click here for Desert Breeze Park

Phone number: (702) 455-7798

Reason why place is best of: Terrific Las Vegas park (home of Mix 94.1’s Bite of Las Vegas) complete with basketball courts, playgrounds, soccer fields, dog park, BBQ area and beautiful community/aquatics center. Perfect picnic spot!

Mark DiCiero, Mix 94.1 FM

lakemead Best Places In Vegas For A Picnic

Lake Mead

Its always fun to grab the family some food and head out to Lake Mead or spend some time in Boulder City.

JB, 98.5 KLUC

Lake Mead gets a bad rap but considering it’s a huge lake in the middle of the desert you never find me complaining. Whether you have a boat or jet ski’s or you just want to hang on the beach, Lake Mead is very accessible and a great place to cool down and get some sun in the Spring, Summer and Fall. This is the first year in many the lake level is actually rising so enjoy it while it lasts!

Dustin Carlson, X1075

rr Best Places In Vegas For A Picnic

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead. I love to be outdoors, except when it’s 110 degrees out. Red Rock canyon offers a 13 mile one-way scenic drive with plenty of places to pull over for a quick hike. You can climb on the rocks or hike to the hidden waterfall (more of a water trickle). It’s a great place to spend a day outdoors with friends while getting some exercise at the same time.

Dustin Carlson, X1075

Red Rock Canyon is loaded with natural beauty. If you want a sense of adventure; hike down one of the trails to find a hidden waterfall to serve as the backdrop to your picnic. If you want to play it a bit safer, just take the 13 mile loop around the park in your car (good option for those of you with kids) until you find a pull-in that suits your tastes. Tip: Bring plenty of water and make sure your car is gassed up. There are no gas stations or refreshments for sale out there, which is part of the canyons charm.

Dave Farra, X1075

discoverypark Best Places In Vegas For A Picnic

Discovery Park

Address: 2011 Paseo Verde Parkway Henderson, NV 89014


Phone number: (702) 267-5840.

Hours of operation: 6 a.m. to midnight

Reason why place is best of: ‪plenty of shade, covered and lighted picnic areas, large barbecues, grass fields, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, lighted tennis and volleyball courts, large children’s playground, convenient parking and restrooms

Cory Olson, KXNT News Radio

mtcharleston Best Places In Vegas For A Picnic

Mt. Charleston


The best place for a picnic is Mount Charleston. There are several picnic spots on Mt. Charleston all good for pretty much the same purpose. Hanging with Nature.

-Quintin Allen

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